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Monday, November 01, 2010

Which Recipe Do You Use?

Last week, while publicly living out my life on Facebook, I admitted to making Chex Mix. My status actually said, "(Angie) just made chex mix and my house smells yummy!" (Or something to that effect) A reply to my status update made me laugh.

"Which recipe did you use?"

Normally, a reply like that wouldn't necessarily make one smile, I suppose. But if you know me - or have been around me when I've been cooking - you understand why I would laugh at that question.

You see, like my wonderful mother, I have this knack. I call it a "knack" rather than referring to it as a character flaw for obvious reason. (ha!)

I usually follow a recipe one time - and then "adapt" it according to my mood, pantry inventory, or opinion.

Sometimes, this works in my favor. Other times? Not so much. I think it drives certain members of my extended family a little crazy when they ask for recipes, and I admit that I really don't use one. I mean, there are some things (sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce, etc.) that you just make by feel. . . not by a recipe.

You don't? Well, I do.

Disclaimer here: When baking, I always follow the recipe. Too much chemistry involved in rising/falling cakes & breads. I don't claim to know that much about baking to make adjustments.

But Chex Mix? That, my friends, depends entirely on what is in the pantry. Usually, I try to follow the recipe -- but I fudge a little on the amounts of contents. I mean seriously? I don't count out nine (9) cups of wheat, corn, and rice cereal bits. . . in fact, when Crispix came out - I all but gave up on the "mixed cereal" idea. (Although, I really do like the little wheat chex bits - so I sometimes buy them.) But when it comes to CM (chex mix) I always opt for:

Cheez-it crackers -- they somehow get yummier with the butter/Worcestershire mixture.
Pretzels -- nobody in my family really likes pretzels in there, but I put them in out of duty.
Nuts -- here's where things get interesting.

**If I'm making Chex Mix for our family -- I use the nuts with NO peanuts
**If I'm making Chex Mix to give away -- I buy the can with "less than 50% peanuts"

I admit it - I am a nut snob. You always get WAY more peanuts than you want, if you're honest -- or from Georgia. Give me a good cashew, pecan, or almond any day -- and you can keep your precious peanuts!

On rare occasions, I will add cheerios, bagel chips, or french fried onion rings. But typically, I stick to the recipe above.

As for the "sauce" I know the players (butter, Worcestershire sauce, onion salt, garlic powder, seasoned salt). And sometimes, I use the correct ratios. Other times I have guessed. And when I really want to get crazy, I'll add a dash of cayenne pepper. (I know. . .I'm now just giving away the key to the mint!)

Okay. . . so getting back to this most recent batch. Yesterday, while watching football, baseball, or the NASCAR race, (honestly, I can't remember which one) Mark said to me: "Honey, this Chex Mix is really good. I could do without the Cheez-It crackers, but it's really good."

My reply was something like: "Well, I'll always use Cheez-Its because I like them. I'm not sure why I put pretzels in -- because no one seems to like them."

Here's the irony: This particular time. . . no joking. . . I followed the recipe exactly.

Chex Mix: 1
My Pride: 0

So what about you? Which recipe, if any, do you use? And, are you fastidious about recipes, or do you make stuff up on the fly?

And, by saying "on the fly" I am NOT suggesting that you have flies in your food. Just sayin'. . . .


Blogger Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Hmmmm. Recipe? I use the one on the side of the box. And, thanks to your inspiration, I actually MADE Chex mix this weekend, and everyone LOVED it. I'll be doing that again.

And also? the tiny wheat Chex are my favorites. :)

And also again? the word verification down below is "chexpely." NO KIDDING!!!

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recipe first with slight adjustments. Major adjustments subsequent rounds...

So if I get chex mix from you I get peanuts... That's it, I know how I rate... bwahahahahahahahaha!

Off to pack some more. HUGS!!!!!

P.S. I don't like the pretzels, either.

8:43 AM  
Blogger kris said...

When baking, I most definitely follow the recipe-- If I'm out of a particular ingredient that will only affect flavor, I'll try something in its place. However, for dinner-type meals, I improvise big time unless it is something I've never tried before. It usually depends on what we have in our cabinets-- I'll start grabbing things to throw together.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Kim is feeling bad that you are such a home maker and she's not...
Is it possible to dial it down a notch?


(keep em coming!)

10:31 PM  

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