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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Parade

I have truly had a Mother's Day like no other. Of course, I had to work. That's a given for a Church Music Director.

But it was after we got home from church that all the magic started happening. Like, for instance:

Driving home from church, we saw leaves and small branches lying around on the road. When we got home this is what we saw:

Yep, that's right. We lost our beloved Bradford Pear tree to the east of the driveway. This was a big tree. I'm amazed that it didn't damage the neighbors' cars.

We lost a couple of trees in our old yard a couple of years ago. In May, actually. It's funny. We were talking to our friends who bought the house -- about losing those trees. Little did I know that this tree was down while we were talking.

We really couldn't do anything about it right then. . .so we headed out to Mom & Dad's house for dinner. We were planning to celebrate Mothers Day plus a couple family birthdays, at the same time. (Mine is tomorrow; Mom is Wednesday) So, we pulled up at Mom's house. She met us on the porch. They had no power. Obviously the high winds that sent our tree over had damaged a power line somewhere between our house and theirs.

We decided to stay - -because we were going to grill steaks. . . .and the potatoes baking in the oven were nearly done. My salad was already made, and was ready for us, too. Once Dad got home from taking communion to a few of our shut-ins, we'd be set. (Remembering all the while that Mark was mulling the tree that needed to be hacked up, and taken away)

So when Dad got home, we ate. . . and had delicious pie. (My mom makes the best pie crusts EVER -- it really doesn't matter what's in them -- it's the bomb) Coconut Cream and Strawberry were the choices today. Caroline opted for a few strawberries, and then just ate her body weight in sugar-free cool whip. The girl's living a charmed life, really.

Oh, I failed to mention that the power came back on about midway through lunch.

So, we leave fairly hastily after eating and opening presents. . .because again, there's this tree in the driveway. . .?

We get home, and put Caroline down for a nap. She's still there -- and actually needs to get up, if we intend for her to actually sleep tonight. But, blogging is important, too. : )

Mark is now working on the tree with our friend Jimmy. Jimmy helped haul away the old trees. Only this time, the tree is much bigger -- and so the method of "removal" (as it were) is slightly different. See?

Yeah, that's right. . . they're dragging it down the road. It's my Mother's Day Parade.

Ah, life in East Tennessee. It truly doesn't get better.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Blogger Steve said...

That's great!!

I thought you were doing a "Best of" entry - but no, you have to re-enact the whole thing instead of just pulling out the old bytes.

And thanks for the reminder on your birthday. Happy Birthday! Let's have a parade!! (well, ummmm, not that sort of parade. Preferably one in which all the Bradford Pear trees survive.)

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Melinda said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday!! :o)

7:49 PM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

mmm, i wanna eat MY body weight in cool whip!!! *drool*

11:23 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hahahahaha! That is incredible! Happy Mother's Day Angie!

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Sorry you lost your tree. :(

But really glad you ended up having a lovely Mother's Day:)!!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looked like it was a nice tree. Sorry you lost it, but I love the parade (lol).
Happy "belated" Mothers Day.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAppy Birthday Angie! Come visit my blog... love katherine

9:24 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Happy Birthday! (Today now being The Day!) Hope it's a great one, and not windy. Shame about the tree. Lots of trees up here (really big ones) so I'm hoping we don't get your wind!! I hope they are treating you good today. Demand dinner out!! xx

9:50 AM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

happy birthday angie!

10:18 AM  
Blogger Heather J. said...

Wow, what a tree!
What a parade!

Happy Bithday, Angie!

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I leave for two weeks and came back to an action-packed blog entry. Glad to hear y'all are ok.

It was windy at our campground yesterday. It was so windy that we were awakened this morning by a tree falling down two campsites over...Thank God it was empty!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy birthday!

2:19 PM  
Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...

I was driving out to get dinner last night and our 'hood' lost more than a few branches...some big ones!!! I hate that you lost that tree looks like it was a really nice one! Some nasty wind we had yesterday!

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

You are hilarious! I'm glad you became my facebook friend because now I can find your blog again. Found it once but I couldn't remember where or how!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Jennilu said...

Happy Birthday! We were lucky - didn't lose any trees but thought for sure we would. That was quite a storm we had. I hope you had a great Mother's Day. It sounds like it was fabulous.

10:34 PM  

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