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Monday, May 05, 2008

Not Eating Bon Bons. . . .

I'm home today, with Caroline. She has a slight ear infection and some swollen glands, so we're back home -- and she's resting right now. Still has a slight fever. Just not fun.

Me? Well, I've discovered the all out fun to be had playing "Guitar Hero 2" on Edison's PS2. I cannot believe I did this. . .but I figured playing GH while he was at school was far less humiliating to him than playing when he has a friend over.

So yes, I've started a band appropriately called, "MOMSSS" (I couldn't figure out how to accept it -- so the extra letters are on there) I've achieved the first "set" of songs in the easy level. I actually played "Surrender" by Cheap Trick . . .

"Mommy's allright, Daddy's allright
They just seem a little weird. . ."

Seemed fitting for my first venture into Guitar Hero -- on my child's computer -- while my child is at school -- and while my other child is napping. I'm really allright. . . I just seem a little weird.

That's right. I'm above all that. I'm not wasting away the hours watching "Days of Our Lives" and eating bon-bons. No. That's not me at all. I'm hiding out in my son's bedroom, playing "Cherry Pie" and "You Really Got Me" on a computer-generated guitar.

Sigh. It's the end of the world as we know it.

Ooh. I like that one. . . . and I feel fine.


Blogger Kate said...

That sounds like a perfectly okay occupation to me! Exercise and enjoyment. Those endorphins are flying around. We don't have GH, but we do have a Wii. I could get off my fat butt and go play Wii Sports! xx

10:20 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

You're a rocking geek.

Snarfing your kid's video game is fun, and geeky.

Dropping in song lyrics all the time? That rocks.

Angie is a rocking geek.

10:09 AM  

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