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Monday, May 07, 2007


I am always surprised at how much energy [destruction] a 3-year old can have [cause] when she's come home from a full day of school. Unfortunately [for me] she napped on the bus, so when she arrived at home, it was like Mardi Gras.

. . . I'm not a big fan of Mardi Gras. Those big heads scare the bejeezes out of me.

Anyway, all the things I wished to accomplish this lovely sunny afternoon disappeared like . . .well, something that disappears easily.

So, my update will be pretty concise. The kids (yes, both Edison and Caroline) are playing on the piano that Caroline has just discovered that we own. That's right, for the first 2 years and 11 months of her existence, it was a "catch-all" for my various scrapbooking projects, art projects by Edison, and the junk mail that we had not yet discarded.

Suddenly, she has a piano. And the world has never been the same. As I type, Edison is pounding, yes, I said "pounding" out a bleak rendition of "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven. The man is dead, deaf, and in another country, but I swear Ludwig can hear this, and is doing the obligatory rolling in the grave.

So, while they "serenade" me. . . ahem. . .I'll simply say that the conference this weekend was wonderful. A bit overwhelming, but wonderful. We got to meet some great families from across Tennessee whose kids share that extra chromosome that Caroline has. Their kids are engaging, beautiful, funny, and quirky - just like mine. They have struggles - just like we do.

It was a great life-affirming weekend. However, the overwhelming part came after nearly 48 hours of unending seminars, talks, and presentations about brain function, family challenges, school system battles, gI distress, neurbehavioral disorders. . . you get the picture. We spent a lot of time focusing on the challenges, rather than the victories.

I'm a victory kind of gal! I realize that when I am in a "dwell on the challenge" situation.

Not every presentation was a challenge, but by the time Saturday lunch rolled around, I simply wanted to get home, hug my daughter, and be "normal" -- whatever that means!

I've nearly finished "The Memory Keepers Daughter," which is probably part of the reason I was saturated with Trisomy-21 talk. It's a great book, and as I near the end, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But still, I probably would've done well to take a grocery-store novel (you know, with Fabio on the cover) and read that on the way to and from Nashville.

Moving. . .this weekend. Yikes. Many boxes to pack. Little time. Lots of distraction - see paragraph 1.

I will do my best to keep everyone posted as the week wears on. Until then, I need to pack...and re-cover the piano. It was a much quieter house when it was a catch-all.



Blogger Helen Hancock said...

I am so happy the little card in the mail bought a smile. I am sending you lots of motivating energy for the big move - wish it were and extra pair of hands! Oh, and BTW when you find out what "normal" is let me know. Cheers!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

LOved this post... probably for all the wrong reasons though.. we "living in denial" kinda gals, love "Victory sort of galas." WE can pretend yoeu are just like us... *sighs* oh well God is not done with me yet, is he?

7:54 AM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

Crikey woman...could you **BE** any busier?

Love the post - kind of a misery loves company kind of loving the post.

Can't wait 'til you get all settled in and get rid of one of those mortgages really quickly!

Miss you!

Love Melly :)

9:58 AM  

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