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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She's Gone. . . .

(hum the Hall & Oates song to yourself. . I am!)

I'm home. All went well. Short post. Time for drugs. Sore tummy.

Cool "God" thing. . . .one of my surgical nurses is a friend from our church. I started crying the second I saw her, and when they were literally putting me under, she held my hand. I cried a little more, and told her I was so thankful she was there.

God is good.

Percoset is good.

God is good-er than percoset.

Liquid-ish/bland diet today - - then tomorrow I can eat whatever I want. Still gonna kick-it WW style. Because. . . .

I got on the scale during my prep time, and I have lost FOURTEEN pounds since my original appointment with my internist a month ago. Oh yeah, that was good.

I'm off to bed, but not without one little post script. My funny, irreverent friend Doug left me a comment on yesterday's post about tonsils and ice cream.

The guy across the "holding area" from me was having. . . wait for it. . . his tonsils removed AND a circumcision.

_______ [insert pun here] Doug, this one's for you, buddy!

I love you all so very much!


Blogger Jules said...

Praise for your surgery, your weight loss, and for YOU!

Was the ice cream to eat??

9:50 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i am so full of thanks i love you

11:02 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

What the flippity flap do you eat for a circumcision?

ahhh.... I got it Calamari

nuff said...

Glad you are home...

11:24 PM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

OMG Calamari - I just about spit out my tonsils when I read that! Oh wait...I don't have tonsils.

Anyhoo, I'm sooooooo glad you are fine and that Alice is gone. And I'll be singing Hall'n'Oats all day tomorrow!

My comment was gonna be that I wondered how much weight the guy across from you lost since HIS consult!

What the flippity-flap? I'm gonna be saying that all the time now and nobody in my world is gonna get it. Oy.

Melly :)

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Melinda said...

Yay Angie! I'm glad all is good and will be getting better. The lead singer in my husband's band has lost 60 lbs on WW, he looks and feels like a new person!! Keep it up! (It's done wonders for his spiritual life too--all that self-control and discpline spills out into every aspect of your life)

12:26 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hooray! Sending lots of love from downunder to you up and over....get well soon Angie!

1:06 AM  

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