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Friday, June 15, 2007

Earth weeps, but Heaven rejoices. . . .

Charles, my friend in last night's post, passed away about 1:30 this morning. It was sunny today - for a while - but it's cloudy right now. The air seems a little restless. . . not raining, but threatening to do so.

So, it kind of feels like the earth is sad today. But I know . . . beyond any doubt. . .there's one heck of a party going on in heaven. And for that reason, alone, I can rejoice today in spite of the weather.

In other news. . . .

Jam w/Biscuit
Edison has begun taking guitar lessons from Mike Caldwell who is the musical director at the Country Tonight Theater in Pigeon Forge. Mike has been giving my Dad harmonica lessons for the past year and a half, or so. Last week, Edison attended one of Dad's lessons, and brought along his new guitar. Mike says he has a good ear. Mike's right.

So, today was Edison's first official guitar lesson. He came home and told me all about his morning. After his lesson, Mike, Dad, and Edison went to visit a man they call "Biscuit." Biscuit is a 3-time National Champion banjo performer. Pretty impressive for a guy in his 30s. Anyway, Mike, Dad, Edison and Biscuit jammed for a while. Edison said that when he couldn't keep up on the guitar, he used it like a drum, and just beat out a soft rhythm.

As a music teacher, I'm loving this so very much. As a mom, I'm proud as can be. When he's ready for his first appearance at Carnegie Hall, I'll let you know!

Girl's Day Out
Caroline and I went shopping today. She knows all about shopping. Every time we pull into a store parking lot--be it the grocery store or Target--the first word out of her mouth is "shopping!" I'm raising her right!

We visited the Baby Superstore -- the girl needs some Houdini-proof pajamas. If they have snaps, she can escape. Zippers, not so much. But it's summertime. No long "zippies" in the summertime -- especially in the 24-month size range. Oh well, the two pairs of PJs that she has will just have to last until this phase is over.

After the baby store, we hit A.C. Moore, which is like a Hobby Lobby or Michael's craft store. I had to stock up a little on cotton yarn for my 2-week recuperation. I've got to have something to keep my hands busy while I refrain from picking up Caroline, hauling laundry back and forth, and carrying in groceries. I figure getting a few more afghans in the closet for upcoming babies is a great thing to do. Sadly, the store was nearly out of yarn. It was sad. I got some pink and blue -- but no border yarns. That will have to be another trip.

After A.C. Moore, we hit McDonalds. This is now my daughter's favorite place on earth. Not only does she know and love their chicken and "fry-fries" but she knows that they have ice cream. "Creeeeeeeeem" I'm not convinced that there is any trace of milk products in their frozen "dairy" delight, but Caroline loves it.

Today, we were all about the chicken and fries. She no longer wants us to cut the chicken into pieces, but she'd rather "break" them apart. You'd swear she was helping pull down the Berlin Wall by her expression, but she tears the little nuggets into bite-size pieces, and goes to town.

She ate nearly all four nuggets, and chowed down all but about 8 fries. How do I know "eight" fries? (I ate them) They're not that many WW points, and I *did* have the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Which, if you're interested, is my latest addiction. I cannot get enough of that salad!

After lunch, we headed over to my favorite store to buy jeans. We got them and headed home. I even saved $25 buying two pairs. You can't beat that.

Whew, I thought it would be easy "journaling" a day in the life, like my friend Melany. But, shoot, I'm worn out.....and it's just 5:54 p.m. At this rate, I'd better stop writing about my day, and start living it! I've got to figure out what we're eating for supper, and get cooking!

Happy Friday--and I mean that!!


Blogger 20Birds said...

hey its me again... sorry for the absence but i have been struggling with a cold and other stuff, but i really missed you too whici is why i pulled myself out of bed to your blog... read you first before seeing you had commendted again on mine...

8:37 AM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

I am so all about A.C.

and Target

and Weight Watchers!!!

10:38 AM  
Blogger That Chick Over There said...

I meant A.C. Moore. My brain is still fuzzy this morning.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Melinda said...

My mom has gotten me reading your blog now. :o) So, do you knit or crochet? I've picked up knitting in the last year, but I'm still extremely limited. And I can't crochet for the life of me. Oh well. Thanks for all the stories. I do enjoy them!!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Oh my Angie! Our Princess's are ssssooo similar! I am laughing about your girl's day out! Katie and I go shopping every Friday....she loves it! She squeals when the shops come in sight....and when you ask what she wants to do..."shopping"! Lord help us when she is a teenager! Fun times!

7:30 PM  

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