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Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday, Monday

I'm sure, in the history of blogging, there have been many posts with that title. I just really like that song.

"Every other day. . .every other day
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah"

Mama Cass Elliott. Now there was a woman. Great songs. Cool band. In the end, I believed she choked to death on a turkey sandwich, right? Oy. Still a great band. [note: Wikipedia says that she died of a heart attack. But, there was reports out there that it was a ham sandwich.] Good to know.

This has been a typical Monday, I guess.

I'd settle for a Karen Carpenter "Rainy Day and Monday," but alas, no rain has fallen upon our little stretch of land. I did, however, hear from a friend today, and I'm a little freaked out, that there are bears. . .of the lions, and tigers and. .. oh my kind. . . variety roaming around these parts.

Small geography lesson here: The family and I live fairly close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And yes, I *do* spell Smoky without the "e" because that's how you're supposed to spell it. Don't get me started collectibles vs. collectables. Small digression there, I apologize.

This spring we had a bizarre freeze in March. Usually girls are laying out in the sun from Valentine's day on, but this year, we had a big cold snap. Many local strawberry farmers lost their crop because of the freeze.

I guess the bears lost their dinner, too. Reportedly, the berries and other vegetation that God provides these bears with each year was lost. They are now roaming down out of the mountains looking for food. You know. . .seeing what we leave behind, and foraging for it.

Anyway, my friend lives about a mile from me - in a very, very densely wooded area. Her neighbor had a bear on her porch. A bear. A black bear. A big black bear.

I don't want a bear on my porch. I don't want a bear anywhere but up in the mountains, or at the zoo. (Sorry to my PETA friends. . .if I have any)

I prefer my bears either in chocolate-chip teddy grahams, or in the Boyds variety with those cute little country dresses and sweet button eyes. I am NOT a fan of having wildlife in my backyard. I was happy with the cows, mules, and horses. But no bears, please.

So, I'm paranoid, or should I say "bear-a-noid" that I'm going to look out one day next week, and see a bear drinking out of my hummingbird feeder and chucking my little finch feeder across the lawn.

There's that. . . and Caroline can officially get out of the house. Tonight, while no one was looking, she opened the front storm door, and walked out. Thankfully, we heard the door, and realized that she was out. She had only gotten a few steps out . . . but it was the wake-up call we needed.

[Yes, friends and family who worry about my children on a constant basis. . .we are locking the storm door all the time now.] When she can maneuver that lock, we'll move onto Plan B.

So, other than being afraid that Caroline will escape, and that a bear will take her away, we're doing fine. Surgery in T-minus 14 days. I am really getting anxious - but it's that good kind of anxious. I'm hoping to get caught up on every little thing I'm *supposed* to do, so that I can just scrapbook for a few days, while I recover. We'll see what happens.

One other note - I am insanely jealous. Tonight, in a country far, far away (not really). Christy Sturm, my digi-scrapping boss (well, my first one) and Melany Groves, my canadian alter-ego got to meet in person! This is the second person that has gotten to meet Melany in person, and I wasn't there. We did get to talk on the phone -- and I was able to see the circus that was taking place in Melany's living room with her two kids, and Christy's three beautiful kiddos. I didn't get to see Steve & Chris -- I think they were hiding from the camera.

If the Aubrey's would have been there, it would have been the same story--only Edison and Maggie would have been sitting off in a room complaining about their little brothers and sisters, and Caroline would have been part of the chaotic excitement.

Girls, I was green with envy -- but sooooooo happy that you both got to do the squeezy hug thing. Next time it's my turn, right???

Happy Monday!!

p.s. Just went to Christy's blog. There are pictures of her and Melany, and Melany and Henry (Caroline's intended) Go see 'em just for the fun of it!!!


Blogger Vicky S. said...

NO, NO! Next time it's my turn. I've been harping about it for days now. LOL! I even threatened Christy. HaHa!
Really now Caroline is getting sneaky I remember that feeling when I heard the door slam. LOL! Maybe you and I should get together one day. HA! That will show them. HeeHee.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

i guess next time , it has to eb yoeu and me meeting, that will show them :)
I am praying the days down with you

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Great post, Angie. Not so great about the bears. Not so great about sneaky kids - though Drew did that too! The god news that once he was agile enough to open the door, we could reason with him that it wasn't such a good idea to do that :-)

14 days! Whoo-hoo!

I totally get this! When my scrappin' friends get together without me, I am green, green, green! And it ain't easy bein' green!

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Heather said...

My husband just finished a job where they have bears all the time. They have even had bears break into the cars after some sort of food wrapper or something left in there. He had 2 cubs on his truck a couple of weeks ago and there were little paw prints and lots of scratches all over...good thing it is a work truck! He has lots of bear stories and all I have to say is that I am glad I don't live up there...too scray!

4:20 PM  
Blogger MDA said...

Political Incorrectness Time...

1. If Mama Cass had given Karen Carpenter that ham sandwich they'd both be alive today.

2. PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

9:29 AM  

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