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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lest We Forget

It's Memorial Day weekend. I tried to explain to Edison, on the way home from church, about the significance of the Indianapolis 500 to people who are from the midwest. . . specifically Indiana. . . specifically Indianapolis. It may have sunk in, I'm not sure.

We didn't really have a moment in our church services about Memorial Day, but one of my favorite people, Stan, mentioned during his communion meditation the names of three individuals that he served with in the Navy. That was something. Names of friends from over 40 years ago -- and he described them like it was yesterday.

He also mentioned one of my other favorite people on earth, Bill, who served in World War II, who to this day, carries in his wallet the picture of his boyhood friend who died in the war.

The last person Stan mentioned was his friend at work whose son was killed last year by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Kind of made me swallow hard.

Guys, that's Memorial Day.

Not a race - two if you count the Coca-Cola 600 like I do!
Not a picnic.
Not a 3-day weekend.

Those things are all good, but it's the memory of the men and women who, usually at a very young age, gave their lives for my freedom and yours. Really, I'm not a true-blue flag waver most of the time, but I really was touched by the reminder. Thanks for allowing me a few minutes to ruminate on the blessings of living in a great country!

Now, onto a layout. Christy released a new kit this week called Covenant. It's a Christian-themed wedding kit. (Those are few and far between) This kit is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to our scanner - it's in the garage (somewhere) and I had to rely on whatever pictures I already had in the computer.

Last year, we did a multi-media presentation celebrating marriages in our church. I just happened to have this one of my mom and dad. So, I am grateful to be able to share a celebration of their marriage of 45 years. They are a wonderful example to Mark and me. Their undying love and endurance, as well as their ability to stick through tough times--these are all things that inspire me. I'm sorry I didn't do this back in January, Mom & Dad. But, I'm even more proud of you today than I was then! I love you both!!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Your Memorial Day sounds a lot like our ANZAC day - even Hughie started to develop an understanding of it all. Well worth it, rather than just a holiday. As to your LO - gorgeous.....what a kit....what a way to re-work that photo - lovely my friend.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

My Dad was a veteran (WWII and Korea) so he always made sure we understood Memorial Day, and since being here I make double sure the kids know about Memorial Day... i love that photo of your parents. Angie, a trick we figured out, depending on how spiffy your camera is... we take photos of photos and documents now, the scanner is in the shed... so far we have had great results

5:32 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Nice post...

10:47 AM  

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