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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Finally. . .some pictures of the new house!!!

This is our bedroom. The walls look lighter than they really are. The color is "Taupe Trivia." I love it!

This is my new kitchen. For those of you who know my current/soon-to-be "former" kitchen, this is awesome!
Another shot from the other end of the kitchen. That faucet has one of those pulley thingies - where I could shoot water at someone from across the room. But, I won't. Really. I won't.
This is my awesome new living room. The entry way is probably my favorite part of the living room. . .oh, and the color, too.
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Blogger Helen Hancock said...

oh wow! how spacious and the colours are so beautiful...I am excited and I am half a world away! oh and btw...the template is just for future use....I was just happy to be able to surprise you with it. Cheers Angie

11:36 PM  

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