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Monday, May 21, 2007

Saturday Night Fever. . .edited

. . .just one of the many movies I was NOT allowed to watch when I was in high school. Edison was invited to go see Spiderman 3 last weekend. We let him see it (reluctantly) and he really enjoyed it. We have since read that it is the one of the three with the strongest moral message. That helped, a little.

I understand, though, what my parents faced when asked by Lori and me (repeatedly, no doubt) about going to see PG or R-rated movies. I am far too old to be affected by PG-13 movies. And any more, they're as bad as most of the R-rated movies I *wanted* to see in high school.

Last week, Edison called Mark at work. His scholar's bowl team was being rewarded for winning with a party. At this party, his teacher had brought some movies from home (PG rated - it IS a small, Baptist private school). Anyway, the group had decided on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," when Edison called Mark for special permission.

My eldest child is not a goody-two-shoes, but he does have a conscience that prevents him from getting into a lot of trouble by calling us in questionable situations. I missed the call on my phone--so Mark was next in line. Mark suggested that there might be a more suitable movie for a bunch of 12-year olds to watch. Especially at this conservative little school.

The teacher got on the phone, and apologized to Mark, saying that she had "grabbed a bunch of PG-rated movies from home, and her kids talk about how funny this movie is." Well, her kids are significantly older than Edison. And, they're HER kids. He is mine.

Personally, I'm not ready to explain the scene at the Castle Anthrax where the beautiful young women plead with one of the Knights of the Round Table to "spank me," and then promise other carnal delights afterwards.

[edited: Thanks, Steve. Edison *does* read my blog. Can you tell I was sleep deprived?]

Sorry, I'm just not ready to go there with my son. It is one stinking hilarious movie. And, sadly, he may have more of an understanding of some of these terms and concepts than I'm ready to admit. But until I take off my rose-colored glasses, he is not allowed to watch the Holy Grail.

Wow. . . I haven't shared a saga like that in a while. I guess I've been too consumed with packing, purging, moving, unpacking, and putting things away. And no, we're not anywhere near done. But it feels like home. And I think that's enough for this girl on this Monday.

The real reference to "Saturday Night Fever" is Caroline. Beginning on Saturday afternoon, around 5 p.m., she came down with a fever. Kind of a raging fever. I don't like my kids to run fevers. We were able to address it with Tylenol and Ibuprofen - alternating, of course - but we got her an appointment with the sweetest pediatrician ever - Dr. Powers - who confirmed for us that she has an ear infection in one ear and strep throat. In fact, while we were waiting for him to come in, she broke out in a rash from the strep. He was glad she did that today - because he said that a rash tomorrow would have made us all assume it was a reaction to the medicine.

. . . I never would have thought of that. God certainly has blessed our family through this special group of men and women who love both of my kids so much.

You have to realize that when a child like Caroline enters into a medical practice like our little one here in (unnamed unincorporated hamlet) where we live, because of her situation, she becomes everyone's little princess.


In fact, today, one of the nurses in training admitted that the ladies up front told her before coming into our room that she should be prepared to fall in love with little Caroline.

::hee hee:: I'm raising a little princess who has stolen the hearts of an entire medical practice.

Sometimes I smile when I try to grasp it all. This is what it means to be blessed - even in the midst of our circumstances.

Happy Monday. To Melany and Beth, Happy Victoria Day!!! I love you both -- you little Canucks!


Blogger Steve said...

You done right with the movie. Most of it is innocuous or absurd -- but there's that one part.

And does Edison not read your blog? Just curious.

Congrats on settling into the new place. We're really happy for you guys.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

I can't wait 'til you finish unpacking. I'm so lonely. ::sigh::

Glad E didn't see the movie - that is a bit young for pretty much any of the Month Python movies. But I think I need to re-watch them; I need a good laugh and I forget what happens in each one.

Sorry to hear about C's icky-sicky. We really don't like fevers around here either, especially since Carter's febrile seizure from one a couple years ago. I did however, have to call Poison Control today. But that's a long story - I didn't even blog it.

So glad you're blessed with your wonderful little family in your life as I'm blessed to have you in mine!

Hugs to Angie, Beth & Helen (and families!!!)

Melly :)

2:50 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

reminds me of a story corrie ten boom relates... her father was awacthmaker and carried a heavy bag with the tools of his trafe and she often traveld by trian with him when she was young. One such time on a train, she began pestering him to tell her all about sex... on and on, as only little grils can do... and he finally asked her to pick up his watchmaker kit, she tried and could not. He said, there are things simply too heavy for you to carry right now. Later, you will be able to, but now my love for you says that I will carry this bag, and I will carry the knowledge too ehavy for you.
neat story, eh? I tell that one to Emily many times as she wants to know everything....she the story by heart

5:28 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

even a princess when she is sick! God love her! I hope she will recover soon. I loved reading about your dilemma with Edison....I too was bought up very strictly....I luckily have not got to that age I am taking notes LOL. You are a wise and beautiful mother and doing a great job with the circumstances presented. Breathe are doing great :)

9:29 PM  

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