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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wrapping Things Up.....

. . .I am nearly the mother of an eighth grader. For some reason, saying I have a son in 7th grade has been easier than the thought of having a son in 8th grade. Thankfully, I have the summer to get used to it.

Edison went to school today -- or should I say, "Edison went to the movies today." He and his 7th grade class, went to see "Prince Caspian." He enjoyed it. He analyzed it. (It has been so long since I read it, it really didn't matter!)

So, he has 1.5 more days of school. Since they cleaned out their lockers and have turned in all their books, I have *no* idea what he's going to do all day tomorrow. But, he will go. Then he'll go for a half-day on Thursday. It's Awards Day. And yes, I *do* realize that I am going to miss his Awards Day on Thursday. My mom and dad, and Mark will be there. I have been assured by everyone that it is really allright that I'm going to be away on Thursday.

Which brings us to the inevitable. But before I tell you how close I am to leaving, let me recap a couple other things that made today a good day.

Staff meeting--these weekly events really are a lot of fun. In fact, my boss said today that he really enjoys them -- because he enjoys *us* which is so refreshing.

Band practice tonight. Man, what an awesome rehearsal. Our regular drummer isn't available on Sunday -- so a guy "filled in" at rehearsal tonight. This is usually a cause for hair sticking up on the back of one's neck. But not this guy. He was awesome. And our rehearsal was enjoyable, productive, and there was even a little bit of "real" worshipping going on while we were practicing. It was awesome. (did you count how many times I said "awesome." I did. It's scary)

Tonight, after practice, I got a chance to sit and talk with Mom. It was pretty fun. I realize how much we think alike. And, I realize how much I appreciate what she's brought into my life.

15 hours from now. . .you knew this was coming (Sorry, Beth!). . . I'm hitting the road. Here are the vital statistics:

My clothes are packed.
Makeup and toiletries will be packed in the morning.
My scrapbooking stuff was bundled up last night.
Mark is loading up my mp3 player with all the necessary tunes (Eagles, Steely Dan, Toto, Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald --- you get the picture)

And the best part? My boss, who will be out of the office tomorrow, stopped in my office today to wish me a good "solitude." It's kinda cool having this crazy notion encouraged by the people around me.

So, until Friday afternoon, I bid you a fond adieu, my beloved friends.....


Blogger 20Birds said...

i will be praying that God speaks hugely, that pages get scrapped, memories are archived, that clarity arrives, that a chapter or two gets written at least in your heart, and that you miss ME like the dickens...

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful time my friend. As far as having an 8th grader. I have a hard time thinking that I'll only have 1 child in school and in High School no less. Time goes by so fast, before you know it you'll be writing about him going off to college.(LOL)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

And to paraphrase Beth,

Remember Grant,
Remember Lee.

12:24 AM  

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