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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day #2 is Under Our Belts

. . . as is some serious breakfast food, and a "typical" American dinner.

We had a great first day on "vacation." This part of our trip is more of a "working" vacation for me. We are at the North American Christian Convention. . . and although I have railed about this before. . . I must say, again, that if we weren't a denomination, this wouldn't exist.

But, as my friend (college buddy) Bill Greer pointed out today in the Milligan College booth. . . no one at a central location tells us (churches) what to do, so we really are NOT a denomination.

I was able to connect with some old friends today. Rob & Kelly are at a church in Maryland. Rob is someone I traveled with while recruiting students for Milligan back in 1983. We also saw Rick & Betsy -- who are ministering at his home church in Richmond, VA.

We're trying to get Edison to start looking at some of the Christian Colleges -- and of course, when you 'look' and sign in at their booths, you get stuff. He came home tonight with a frisbee from Milligan! And, tomorrow, he plans to be sporting a JBC t-shirt.

Other than that, I bumped into the mom of my best friend from college. That was totally random. . .and totally awesome. I haven't seen this friend since Edison was 2 or 3. So, it's been a while. But, it was really cool to see her mom -- who I haven't seen since Laurie's wedding in 1986.

I also ran into some preacher friends I've known through the years. I felt kind of bad -- because it was obvious that they had no clue who I was, but I said "hello" anyway.

So, tomorrow will be more hob-nobbing, and some workshops and morning sessions. I enjoyed the worship session tonight. The speaker was especially good -- and the music was very good. It was extremely encouraging to see that the worship leader was older than me -- and a few of the band members are probably my age, or a little bit older. (Doesn't make me feel like a dinosaur too much)

Oh, I mentioned breakfast and dinner. YUM.

We went to a cool place in downtown Cincinnati called "First Watch" for brunch this morning. I had a Key West Crepe. It was basically an omelette with some flour tossed in to make it more sturdy. YUM. The fillings were smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, red onion, and monterey jack cheese. WHOA. Good stuff.

Then, for dinner, we went to a Frisch's Big Boy. Not because it's our favorite, or anything. We just wanted "regular" food -- and since we couldn't find a Pizza Hut, we ate at the Big Boy. Edison (cheeseburger), Mark (turkey sandwich), Caroline (chicken strips & fries), and Me (Pork Tenderloin sandwich with fries). Dessert? Of course. I had the coconut cream pie, and the kids shared two hot fudge sundaes.

Good day all around. Lots of hugs, laughter, and reminiscing.

. . .and isn't that what vacation is all about??!?!

(pictures tomorrow)

Oh my goodness.... I nearly forgot. Happy Birthday (again) Melany! We saw Canadian stuff today, and thought of you over and over and over. Love you, girl!


Blogger 20Birds said...

I need to pop over to melany and say HB! I forgot she shared the day with Canada, we jsut got home from fireworks at the marina, it is after midnight and hannah who should be in bed, said "I think we should go see Angie soon."

12:50 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Somehow, you make my home town a lot niftier than I see it. Thanks!

1:03 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. We are enjoying the pictures and play by play of vacation...especially since James is to little to travel very far. Now if you could only run into Ron and Stacey, you'll have seen both of Barry's minister cousins. Enjoy day 3.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

It's weird to read your blog and know those Milligan people you are talking about! I have a hilarious picture of Randy and Kelly at one of his high school proms. Classic 80s.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time you are having.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I big puffy heart First Watch! The breakfast scramble thingy with the criossant, spinach, eggs, and hollandaise rocks. And their coffee is the best! I want one in Nashville so bad...

Now you have me jones-ing for First Watch!

1:16 PM  

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