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Friday, April 10, 2009

I Know. . .I Know. . . .

I have let a little time go between posts. I'm sorry. Big week around here. Well, I suppose it's a big week no matter *where* you are. But still....I apologize for the blog-fast.

I don't have any earth-shattering stuff to write about. Except, of course, that we are allright. A line of severe weather came through our area tonight -- tornadoes, heavy winds, torrential rainfall, and (someone said) apple-sized hail.

We got some heavy rain, and a bit of thunder & lightning. We never lost power. We didn't lose any trees. . . of course, we don't have many more on our property to lose after losing the pear tree(s) last year.

It's Spring Break, people!!!

Caroline had a half-day of school today. Edison's break actually began yesterday afternoon. And, with his 3-day camping trip (church youth group) coming up this week, he and I decided to hit a few stores to get some much-needed camping supplies.

Our 6-store excursion began at Burger King. Is it not traditional for pilgrimages to begin there? I thought so. I forgot, however, their current promo is for 99 cent kids' meals (SpongeBob Squarepants, of course) with the purchase of an adult meal.

There were so many kids in Burger King, I couldn't believe it. There was also the traditional number of IT people from Elavon, which is next door. They all wear lanyards and nametags. That's how you can spot them.

After our lunch, which was allright, I guess. . . we headed to WalMart. After driving through "our" WalMart parking lot just one time, I realized that we wanted to go someplace else. Anyplace else.

So, we headed to West Knoxville. Yeah. . .there'll be less people shopping out west. Ha!

Our first stop was for me to find an Easter dress. No, I did not wait until the last minute. The last minute would have been tomorrow afternoon. I found a dress. . . at 30% off. It's pretty. I will wear it to a couple of weddings this year . . .and on Sunday, of course.

And no, I did not make Edison come into the store with me.

After my dress, we went in search of:

1) A Home Communion kit for church
2) Camping Supplies for Edison
3) Flavored syrup (blackberry, prefarably) at World Market
4) Bagels from Panera

Actually #4 was optional, as far as I was concerned. But, we managed to accomplish everything on the list except for one item. . . they didn't have blackberry syrup at World Market, so I settled for raspberry. What, you might wonder, am I going to do with raspberry syrup?

Why, I'm going to make my own "Sonic" concoctions here at home. I love to go to Sonic and get Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke. It's a habit, especially during "happy hour" when all fountain drinks are half-price.

Sometimes, however, I opt for a decaffeinated version of those drinks, and order a Sprite Zero with Blackberry flavoring. This is amazing, I'm telling you. I also get Cranberry flavored Diet Limeade. Wow.

So, I have a 12-pack of Sprite Zero in my (extra) fridge, and now I have raspberry flavoring to add to it when I want a Sonic drink, but don't want to pay for a Sonic drink. And what, you might ask will I do about getting their pellet ice? Why, I'm going to go buy a bag of the stuff, and keep it in my freezer. I love it.

So, all in all, our trip to Turkey Creek was a successful one. There was only one disappointment. And no, I don't mean the blackberry syrup.

Edison missed out on meeting Hannah Montana. He's bummed. Okay, I am so kidding. And he would so kill me for posting that.

We were out -- right in front -- of the Regal Pinnacle Theaters in W. Knoxville today. And today, of course, is the Hannah Montana movie premiere. As we drove home, we listened to local radio (before all the storm warnings came out) and they said that Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray had made a surprise appearance at the Pinnacle Theater just an hour or so before. . . when we were driving by. I even offered to take Edison to the movies (jokingly) as we drove through.

So, needless to say, I spent the next ten torturous minutes in the car -- apologizing for Edison not getting to meet the woman of his dreams. He just glared at me, and tried not to laugh.

And that is what I love about my kid. We can joke around -- poke fun at ourselves -- and totally have a great time. And yes. . . he is a typical teenager. . .and these moments are interspersed with times when we both want to kill each other. But today was fun -- all around, it was fun. We laughed at people, and laughed at each other.

I'm gonna miss those times in a couple of years. And, rather than dwell on it and get depressed, I'm moving on.

Caroline had a great (brief) week at school. Of course, since she missed Monday & Tuesday, and most of last week, we were not told that Wednesday was "picture" day at school. We sent her in a cute enough outfit, but I'd have made a more serious attempt if I'd have known. Oh well. We liked the previous school picture -- and will probably take her to get formal pictures done for her fifth birthday. So, all we'll want is the school group picture. . . I think. We'll see.

She did much better. I think she's finally feeling better - - and like me, was relieved to be back in her normal school day routine.

She has developed a new resistance to going to bed at night. She now gets out of bed, and cries for us at her door. We've got a baby gate up -- so she can't wander around at night. And, that gate provides amazing peace of mind for me. But, for whatever reason, lately, she's been resisting going to sleep like she always used to.

Tonight, however, she just conked out watching baseball with Mark. While Edison and I were shopping, she got her hair cut, went to Grandma's house -- playing in the sand, walking in the woods, playing Legos, and riding on a scooter. Any wonder why she's tired? So, tonight wasn't a struggle -- but we'll see what tomorrow night brings.

And since we're talking about tomorrow -- let me say that it will be here in 54 minutes. I'm sleepy. Spending money takes it out of me! (ha!) So, I'm going to sign off.

I wish I had a good, wholesome, thought-provoking Easter/Good Friday message to share with you, but all I have is this:

I really like it when it rains on Good Friday. I have always thought that a sunny, pleasant, beautiful Good Friday didn't seem to fit. Although I never watched the movie "The Passion of the Christ" for reasons I won't go into here. . . .I feel like I have some appreciation of what that afternoon was like. And, when I hear a thunder clap on Good Friday -- it's like God is reminding me of the cost of my sin. And, when the rain falls -- hard or soft -- it reminds me of the grief of God turning his back on Jesus because of my sin. It rained today -- on Good Friday. The sky got black. The air was cold. The wind blew and moaned. The trees bent with the weight of the water, and the force of the wind. The skies opened up, and the sorrow and grief of all of heaven poured on the earth that had killed the only person to have ever lived a life without the blemish of sin.

And when I get to experience that on the Friday of Holy Week, it's not only a Good Friday, it's a fitting Friday.

That's it. It was a good, fitting Good Friday.


Blogger Shelly W said...

Missed you around here this week, Angie. :) I LOVE what you had to say about Good Friday--you are so right.

Guess where I'm going today--dress shopping! Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh? ;)

Happy Easter, friend. I'm so glad we "found" each other again!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

You have a wonderful Easter with your family Angie.
I listen to WSM on the computer when I'm up in the office and heard the forecast. I'm glad you all managed to dodge the bad weather.

9:22 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

you make weather come alive... relly i liked this post alot... and i wanted to add that i like going to sonic and having them make it for me... i dont suppose we can get some of that and put it in the freezer, the kid working at sonic????

12:01 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Oh, now. Stop it, Angie.

You got a new dress, and it's a "fitting" Good Friday?

You're killing me!


And on the serious side of the fence, nice post. I understand what you mean about the weather.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

did you ever notice that Elavon, if you spell it backwards, starts with Nova (which is what that place used to be called)? only i would notice such a thing!

i'd rather shop out west than the chapman highway walmart too...wise choice.

seems like a lot of people were noticing the weather on good friday and how it correlated. i really hope that WHEN the sun arises this morning (i shudder to think i beat it out of bed!) the day will also reflect the mood of the first easter sunday! rainy easter's just disappoint me!

6:47 AM  

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