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Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching You Up

Okay. . .here are some pics to catch you up on our lives. (Commentary will run alongside or under the pictures) The first series of pictures needs an explanation, though. Here goes:

Last night, while preparing to eat dinner, Caroline helped set the table--which has become customary for her. She and Mark set the table while I prepared steak, roasted potatoes, and YUMMY dinner rolls (not homemade). I know. I'm slipping. When I came over to my place, this is what I saw. . .

She had taken one of the electronic letters from her LeapPad toy, and put it on my placemat. That's right -- "M" is for mommy. Can you handle more? 'Cause there's more.

"D" is for daddy.

Don't believe me? Look it up. It's true.

When I tried to get her picture taken, she got silly. But here she is -- adding her "place card" to her place at the table. I know that "D" is for Daddy. . . and Daniel. . .and doggie. But on this day in history. . .

"D" was for DANG. . .that girl has got it going on!!!

Okay, more pictures. . . less bragging. A couple Saturdays ago, we went to the DSAG carnival. Caroline enjoyed making crafts. . .

Sliding down the BIG slide with (and without) her big brother. . .

And, making faces. (Check her out -- back left corner) She's developed a keen sense of timing. . .and humor. I love this kid.

It was a great idea to get the kids together for a picture -- but it may take a while to get everyone excited. (Maddox decided to display his flexibility!)

Edison's mission trip is going well, or so we assume. When our youth minister called this morning, during our staff meeting, he didn't say anything about broken limbs, sprained ankles, or blown tires (remember, I miss my van as much as Edison). So, I assume all is well. Here are a few pics of the team before they left. . .

After the vans were packed, the team gathered for some information, ice-breaking, and other instructions. I, of course, took pictures. Edison, of course, appreciated my attempt to preserve tomorrow's memories. Wanna see how I know?

And then, it was time for them to go. I swear, I got a bigger hug goodbye from Rachael -- a girl I love like my very own -- than I did from Edison.

Seriously, I love this girl to the moon and back. So, I hugged her, and told her I would miss her. (Do you see my van there in the background??) I miss her, too.

And then, they were gone. . .
Okay, these upcoming four or five are my last pictures. . .I promise.

You may wonder how I'm spending all my "free" time (ha!) while Edison's gone. That would be reading books with Caroline, playing Little People, and watching Max & Ruby. But, after she goes to bed, this is what I'm doing with some of my free time. . .

Back in the early summer (by the way - -where is it going?!?!) I made this pinwheel wreath for the front door. So far, the colors are holding up really well -- and that door gets LOTS of sunlight.

I have been begging my friend, Janet, to look for some primitive wall quilt patterns. She thought that she had gotten rid of them, but lo and behold -- she found them. I spent nearly all of yesterday cutting pieces and making backgrounds for these three babies. The first is called "Falling Stars" and it will go in our master bathroom (colors: black, gold, red). I obviously have only begun the actual appliqueing process. But I don't expect that it will take too long. At least I hope it doesn't!

This next one is Mark's favorite -- it's a primitive pineapple (symbol of hospitality). The colors in this picture are WAY brighter than the actual wall quilt itself. I'm looking forward to this one -- but the leaves are gonna be arduous!

This next quilt is the reason I wanted to get Janet's patterns. She has it hanging in her kitchen -- and I want to do the same. I love it. . . .

The other "project" I've undertaken for the summer is a far more serious one. I am five weeks (?) into a Beth Moore Bible study on the Fruits of the Spirit. This is what you see when you enter my house. . . .

. . .not because I'm all that righteous. But, more because it's one of the greatest places to study. This Bible study is a really good one -- and I'm blessed by the ladies that are taking part in it with me. Tuesday nights ROCK!!

Well, that's it, for now. Being that I'm home with Caroline -- ALL WEEK LONG -- there will probably be more pictures in the coming days. (I know Beth -- you're wanting more pics of the girl -- I'm trying!) Our weather has been so nice -- she's wanting to go outside. I think that may be on the agenda for tomorrow.

As always. . . .we'll see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay, I'm first to comment! Cool quilt tops... I need lessons....

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Judy said...

I need lessons too. I love the pictures and the one of Edison...Same story different kid (lol). I remember those looks.
Keep them coming.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Cool pix! And a few comments.

Love that girl. She's cute AND quick!

Pineapples? I love pineapples. PSYCH!

"Arduous"? People round here just say "hard".

The final pic - what you see when entering the house - is that Angie's reading glasses?

Okay, I'm done with snarky. The pix are really cool, and that last one could be used as an illustration in a magazine. You're doing real good, kid. Keep it up.

8:24 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i do love and have been loving the table setting photos... i come back and look when no one else is watching...
the edison photo of his delight with your recording for all time events in his life... reminded me of this

go down the page , PW makes a comment about her son's face having a "look could peel the paint right off a barn."
and pinwheel wreath???? you hid that from me, that amazing idea??? cannot believe it!

3:54 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

how did you make it? instructions please.... and more than reading glasses, what
OTC medicine does your daughter set by your place at the table?

3:55 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Blowing the picture up, I see "Ibuprofen". I'm guessing that adult hands placed it there.

1:01 AM  

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