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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just Checking In. . .

I was just reading my friend Jules' blog. I'm sorry, I don't know how to link inside the text. (Help me, Melany!?)

Julie makes a great case for stepping back, and taking life in smaller portions. She's right--and I definitely need to take a lesson from her. Only, this is not the weekend for me to start. . .Buddy Walk!

Anywhoooo, her blog link is on the right column of this page - "Julie Brock." If you go there, I can promise you some thoughtful insights and lots of beautiful pictures of her two gorgeous boys. (You're cute too, Randy) She's actually my friend by proxy - her husband's parents are members of the choir I direct. The younger Brocks and the Aubreys have only met in person once--when Drew & Caroline were very small (especially Caroline). Through Julie's blog, I've gotten to know her and I've had a blast! She's actually one of the first blogs I ever read. . .and now look what I'm doing!

I've written about this before, but it bears repeating. I can't get over the online community/world that exsists out there in the great "webosphere!" In the past six months, I have met and become friends with so many people. I feel like I've known them for years. And, not a day goes by that I don't wonder:

. . . is Cooper walking yet, and did you win at BINGO? (Melany)
. . . where they are--literally (Jamie)
. . . how Maggie's play is going? (Christy)
. . . what's for supper? (Beth)
. . . how's life down under? (Helen)
. . . how's homeschool going? (Vicky)
. . . how's my favorite super-hero? (Jeannette)
. . . any fun new layouts? (Heather - and all my SB friends)
. . . how's my favorite former piano student in Turkey? (Laura)

I literally check in on these, and many other friends every day. I look for dinner ideas, new pictures of beautiful kids, scrapbooking inspiration, exhortation from scripture, updates on family matters, and the occasional tidbit of gossip.

I have been blessed in my life by many friends. I am surrounded by a loving family. I have two great kids and a wonderful, supportive husband.

But I still scratch my head in awe and wonder at my friends that I may never meet in person this side of Heaven. sigh.
If you have just met me in the past six months--I'm talking about you. And I want to tell you "Thanks for blessing my life!"

Now, I'm off to get ready for the Buddy Walk. . .which includes making Caroline's and my shirts, making concession stand signs, cooking 300 hot dogs, designing name badges for the DSAG Board, and lots of other fun things!

Pictures, frivolity, and lots of fun stories will make up tomorrow's blog entry!

Have a gorgeous Saturday!!!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

All I can say Angie is "here here - I second that!" Have a great weekend, may your Buddy Walk go well and I cant wait to read and see all about it! And remember - have fun!!! ps. life down under is warming up and we are excited about it - thanks for asking!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Hooray for buddy walk!!! I can't wait to see pictures and to hear all the great stories you will have!!!

Blessings come from all over, and isn't cool that the internet is one of them?

Thanks friend :)

6:42 PM  

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