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Friday, April 13, 2007

Almost 100. . .and lots to do!

I just looked - I have nearly posted 100 times to my "REAL" blog, as Melany named it. I don't have anything to give away on my 100th post. . .but we'll celebrate. Yeah, we'll celebrate.

I am busy, busy, extraordinarily busy. . . (veggie tales song tribute) and can't post much more today.

I am making a (traditional) scrapbook that will be used by our Down syndrome group at display tables and such. I'm uploading pictures, left and right. Typing and printing text. Ooh. . .such fun, such fun.

I also have a 2-week deadline to make "Thank You" albums for Miss Jan, Missy, and Miss B.J., who have worked with Caroline since she was 6-weeks old. In 2 weeks, Caroline will "age out" of the early intervention system, and enter the (sigh) public school system. (Government schools - for you Rush listeners!) So. . .I have got many, many things to do between now and her birthday -- including getting my house ready for company and seeing a doctor about this stupid hernia/gall bladder/kidney stone "thing" that likes to interrupt my life! (I'm only theorizing about the gall bladder)

So, here's to a great Friday the 13th. It's not so bad. Don't make it worse by being superstitious. Enjoy the day. Hug your loved ones.

Me? I've got some serious scrappin' to do!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

OOhhh sounds like fun! Congrats on 100 wonderful posts....I think your "real" blog is great!! When is the Princess's birthday...she will be 3??? Oh and BTW Friday 13th was not such a bad was my birthday! I can tell you that because it is the 14th here now - hehehe! Take care Angie and have a great weekend.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Oh I am going to have that song stuck in my head now...thanks! LOL! It's been awhile since I have heard that used to be a daily thing when Kiersten was a little one!

3:20 AM  

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