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Monday, March 26, 2007

She made it!

That's right. . . Caroline made it down the aisle with little (or no) intervention from Daddy. We miscalculated one thing: the aisle runner.

Her two trips down the aisle on Friday night were seamless. She made a beeline for Grandma, who was armed with a baggie of mini marshmallows. But Saturday afternoon, there were 200+ people in their seats (or should I say, on the edge of their seats) and this pesky aisle runner that made her little ballet slippers a bit trickier to maneuver.

. . .but she did it!

Of course, positioned where I was (at the piano) I could only see Mark get her started, and then I saw her little blonde head make its way to Grandma. I've played Pachelbel's Canon in D so many times, that I was able to "fudge" a little while I watched her come down the aisle. But, in this day and age of videotaping wedding ceremonies, I don't stray from my music all that often.

I'm going to try and post some pictures. Let me remind you again. . .Mark was in the back of the auditorium (sending her down the aisle) and I was on the stage (providing "walking" music). In other words: we don't have many pictures.

And, the #&$&#^$ photographer (she really ticked me off) didn't take hardly any pictures of the little girls before the wedding. I'm still trying to figure out why we had to be there early (at the photographer's request) only to be told to stay out of the auditorium.

Oh well. Not my battle to fight. It was just frustrating.

I am going to look for pics, and will insert a few into the blog, as I find them. I just wanted you all to know that she did it. And, she did it good.

Oh yeah, and I guess you could say I got "jiggy widdit" at the reception. There may be pictures of that too. Gak!


Caroline eating "fry fries" before the wedding (sans ketchup)
The wedding party (sans the bride's daughter - she was tired)
Dancing with Grandpa
Dancing with Daddy
I almost forgot to show you the beautiful bride! I'm so proud of you, Natalie!
Look what my wonderful friends Kathy & Barry have. . a picture of Caroline heading down the aisle!!!


Anonymous Lori said...

How adorable was Caroline in that dress and tiara!!?? Too cute... still good that she didn't have ketchup with the fries though! :)

11:06 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

OH my...I am getting all teary....sensational stuff. The photo of the princess eating french fries is too cute. How exciting...I hope someone has it one tape for you to see. Proud Mum and rightly so. BTW...I have to ask... what is a "jiggy widdit". Great blog...hope more photos will come. Like the tale of entices my girl to go anywhere too LOL!!!

11:19 PM  

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