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Thursday, March 22, 2007

51-36 with 18:01 to Go!

As I type this blog entry, the University of Tennessee is playing Ohio State in the NCAA tournament. I can't tell you if this the elite eight, the super sixteen, or the final four.

. . .all I can tell you is that they're {currently} winning. We're very happy.

Spring has officially arrived in East Tennessee. My creeping phlox are in bloom. The dyanthus plants on either side of them will no doubt bloom in the next week or so. I even noticed big bumblebees flying around the front porch today, so it's official.

We spent some time outside today--much needed time outside. Caroline loves the swing set - especially when Edison entertains her while pushing her. She is becoming such a fun little girl. I'd do anything to contain her fits of laughter. When she gets tickled - usually in response to some "slapstick" event (or Edison) she bursts forth with this contagious laughter. It goes on and on and on. I can't describe it.

After playing on the swings, we had a great dinner together. Laughter. Stories. Jokes. All around the kitchen table. This is what I remember from my childhood. I hope I can continue to pass this tradition down to my kids.

(On a side note: the UT boys have let Ohio State get within 7 points) I hope blogging about a game while watching it isn't bad luck.

After dinner, Caroline started meandering around the house. Tickling Edison. Fighting to see what I was doing on the computer. Looking for Mark. This child never stops moving.

Suddenly, she came out of her room (box of diaper wipes in hand). She took my tote bag off of a chair - and brought it to Mark. No small feat, my friends--this is a heavy tote bag. She put her baby, "Emma" on the chair, and proceeded to "change" her diaper. Emma must have been quite dirty, because it required two diaper wipes. We stopped her at two. She's becoming such a little girl. She's not my baby anymore.

After the kids went to bed, I started working on a new layout. I've been wanting to take a picture of the kids like this for many years. Because we had no idea when Caroline would start walking, I didn't know when I would be able to capture this picture. . .until today.

The journaling is from a song that I sang at Jon & Lisa Ferguson's wedding nearly 16 years ago. The kit is "Tropical Sorbet" from Christy Sturm, my friend and "digi-scrapping boss." I hope you enjoy the layout as much as I enjoyed making it.

Tomorrow is Wedding Rehearsal day. My sister and her family are on their way to Tennessee even as I type. I'm praying for their safe travel, and wishing that they lived closer. Edison was so excited that my nephews are coming, he could hardly fall asleep. I love times like this.

Enjoy a relaxing Friday. I have serious doubts that I'll be back on the blog until Sunday. . .and late Sunday at that.

With just over 14 minutes to go, they're holding Ohio State at 6 points. We have such high hopes for them -- even though I picked Ohio State to go all the way in my NCAA bracket. You gotta love those Vols!

Last picture. . . this is the reason I do this scrapbooking thing. . .I've got these kids. I want them to remember. I want them to tell the stories. I want them to continue the legacy.

p.s. Thanks Melany, for photoshopping that last picture! You rock, girl!

Editor's note: UT lost by 1 point. They had a chance to overtake OSU, but couldn't do it. I guess it's all my fault.


Blogger Mellykat said...

No, YOU rock!

I loooove this blog post. The pictures are absolutely wundy (said this by accident one day trying to say wonderful and marvy - I'm gonna copyright it. lol)

You live in such a beautiful area. I'm green with all the images of greenery you have on here.

Again, I love that layout, that's some quality memory keeping you're doing, lady! And I'm sorry you jinxed your team by blogging about it!

Here's hoping the wedding goes well and I can't wait to see pics of that little princess and her tiara!

Love and huggies, (lots of huggies!) That would be diapers and wipes. lol

Melany :)

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Lori said...

That layout is totally precious! Just gorgeous. It's so sweet that your kids have such a wonderful bond. Sorry about your team's loss... better luck next year, huh? Hope the wedding was a blast and you enjoyed your weekend with family... can't wait to see pics!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

I am so happy to see so many photos...great blog Angie!
Were you watching basketball and blogging?
The flowers and the green grass just look sensational. Edison and Caroline together such fun....but Caroline changing baby's nappy WTG! Isn't great! Hope you took more photos of that! They are just little sponges and she is watching everything. Got to love it! Katie started singing along to the radio in the car on Friday...cute!
The Lo is gorgeous...but the last photo of your two wonderful children together is the best!

Hope all went well on the weekend and looking forward to more blogging and photos!

11:59 PM  

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