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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm oh-so ready!!!

. . .ready for sickness to leave our house.

After we got Caroline diagnosed and treated for croup, Mark and I both came down with some sort of upper respiratory goop. Mind you, neither of us has darkened the door to a doctor's office. But, we're getting by, day by day.

We are in "pre-wedding" mode. My cousin, Natalie, is getting married this coming Saturday. Caroline is to be one of the flower girls in the wedding, as is Kylie, Natalie's daughter, and Becca, my niece.

Yes, it *should* be interesting. I can guarantee pictures and stories when the wedding festivities conclude. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also ready for March Madness to be finished. I filled out a bracket for the first time ever. It was all on a whim. I chose coaches and teams because of sentimental reasons. Really, it was totally random. And, I'm doing quite poorly. Oh well, it's a man's world. I can live with it.

Did I mention that I'm offocially a "Z.I.P." in our little (non)town? Yes, I did type "ZIP" not "VIP" because our little (non)town just got a new Zaxby's restaurant. The staff hosted people that work in Seymour (churches, schools, etc.) to their "Pre-Grand Opening" night. We ate free!

The food was good. . . it was free. And, I call Seymour a (non)town, because we act like a town - but are avoiding incorporation and local government like the plague.

Caroline's doing well in therapy. Yesterday's physical therapy appointment had her doing "ballet" moves--isolating and raising one leg at a time. She really is catching on well, and talks the whole time while working. That's a good sign, and a genetic trait that she receives from my side of the family.

So, it's Sunday night, the beginning of a new week. There are lots of things to do. Many appointments to meet. And, some new pages to design for Butternug Squash Designs. I got my first set of links tonight for a new kit that will be released later this week. How very exciting!!!

Have a wonderful week!


Blogger Mellykat said...

Great post...a virtual pot-pourri of your life.

Hope all the goop is gone...BTW what is a bracket?

Can't believe you don't have pizza pops there...not my favourite thing but all my boys loooooove them.

Awesome to hear how well C is doing...cannot WAIT to see pics from that wedding. Plenty of scrapworthy stuff coming soon!

Love Melly :)

11:41 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

I agree with Melly...more pot pourri please! Great to catch up on all the news....hope everyone is "up-n-at-em" real soon.

Have a great week Angie and look forward to some new designs.

Love Helen

4:42 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

you cannot believe how happy i was to see your comment... this comp at my friends house is dial up and i am going crazy ..i usually surk 4 or so pages at once... just waiting for the leave a comment pop up here, i brushed my teeth and put on makeup, lol... angie i miss you and i want to tell you about ballet and jenni... *sighs* i love you all

11:41 AM  

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