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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who Wants a Clean House????? Seriously.

"Scrubs" reruns on Comedy Central
"30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray"
"Paula's Home Cooking."

And don't get me started on all the NASCAR shows. We've even managed to teach Caroline to say "Michael" (Waltrip) Did I mention that I'm addicted?

These shows, however, pale by comparison to my new favorite show. I've even gotten Edison hooked on it. It's called Clean House. Now, I will grant that the show's host, Niecy Nash, can be a bit grating to the senses - especially to my dear husband. However, the concept of this show sends me into absolute shivers of delight.

Here's a quick synopsis:

1 slovenly family (seriously, folks - oink, oink!)
1 team of professionals
2-3 heated discussions over who brought the family to this point
4-5 heated discussions over what items can go away
1 or 2 "bribes" made to get rid of rubbish
1 yard sale complete with a camera crew
1 big old wad of cash for renovations and new furniture
2-3 days for the family at a hotel or resort
1 happy family upon their arrival at their newly cleaned house

Whatever is not sold at the yard sale goes away - not back into the house. The show matches dollar for dollar what is sold at the yard sale - up to $1,000. When the family comes home, 99% of the time they are thrilled with the results. However, I've seen less-than-enthusiastic participants. Very.awkward.

When the show is over, the crew leaves to change the lives of yet another slovenly family.

Why do I love it so? I suppose it's because there are areas of my home that qualify for "Clean House" in my opinion. Some of these areas include my stuff. Other areas, well. . . .you know what I'm saying.

Granted, most of the homes featured on the show require GPS navigation systems to get through the clutter and junk. (I kid not) I cannot imagine how some of these families actually live in this type of squallor.

So this afternoon, in the spirit of my new show, I began tackling Edison's room. I didn't even scratch the surface. But, at least I've started.

There's a yard sale at the church in May to benefit missions. Caroline's preschool has said that they need books and toys. Edison's school has a carnival in May - and they want stuffed animals. So, I have my donation spots already. It's just a matter of getting junk out of the house, into a box, and to its new destination.

I can only do so much good in one day, but at least I have begun the process. Now, if I could only find the remote. . . Paula Deen is on!


Anonymous beth said...

lol...I cant rest if the hosue is messy... the kids tell me to take a sleeping pill, and i wont notice it...i cant stand my computer files being in a disarray and am always cleaning it, crashing it in the process....

4:48 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Found it! The remote that is :)

Sounds like a great show....we are all just sticky noses at heart!

Lovin' your bloggin'

9:01 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

Ahhhh! I was *just* watching Miss Nicey last night until I fell asleep in a pile o' drool!

New Grey's tonight!!! I am a happy fan!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

hey Angie as I just posted on Melanys blog my computer got possessed last night os freaky, and i ma on Tonys comp right now but i have no email addresses, numbers etc... i am of course praying for Melany and family and wanted to hear from you before i leave for Miami next week

10:51 AM  

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