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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's on. . .the lawn!

Well, it's supposed to be. Our realtor is going to put the 4sale sign in the yard sometime tomorrow. I have spent the last three hours (off and on) packing boxes, dusting items that haven't seen a windex wipe for months, and trying not to make our house look too bleak without our personal effects.

Our realtor has said that too many personal items will make the house look like we're not really ready to move. By the looks of my living and dining rooms, we're on our way out.

I'm going to leave some books and knick knacks on some of the empty bookshelves. Other than that, stuff's getting stored until May 15.

That's right, I said May 15. According to our contract that we had drawn up today, we will take occupancy of the house on that day. Just three days after my birthday. . .talk about the best birthday present ever!

Of course, tomorrow, I have to take what's left of the stuff in the house, and clean around it. Not an easy task, but I'm up to it. Of course, I have to work - and go to church tomorrow night. But, it's all good.

I'll try to post some pics - soon - just not tonight. I still have a few ounces of energy left to either pack another box, or throw away some more crap, er, stuff.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!


Anonymous beth said...

lol, Emily has been dying to have a yard sale, as she is convinced her the sale of ehr stuff alone will finance all her fun and clothing needs for months to come... she reads your blog and I am done for...

7:39 AM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

Wow you really are a "mover" and a shaker, girl!

Thinking of you oodles and oodles - I crashed at ten last night; maybe catch up with you a bit later after Biiiiiiinnnnngoooooo if you're still up!

Love and a big squeezy hug,
Melly :)

12:39 PM  

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