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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hi, Nancy! Hi, Lois!

One of my monthly responsibilities for the church is to submit a newsletter article for the Church Newsletter. I have dutifully written little articles for the past 3 or 4 years. Usually, they are some sort of reflection about my life (kind of like a blog entry) and other times, they are centered on events within the music ministry of the church.

For the month of September, I went out on a limb. I wrote about blogging. I admitted to having a blog. I did not, however, give the address. Instead, I said that I'd give the address to anyone who asked.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from a friend of my dad's from, as she put it, "Half a century ago!" That made me laugh. Nancy is a friend of Dad's from his high school days. When Caroline was born, she was an awesome prayer warrior and crocheter for Caroline. She made her the most beautiful sweater, booties (two sizes) and later sent a finely crocheted cap that was a reproduction from an Early American pattern.

(Joni, you would have loved this stuff!!)

Anyway, it was a very special way to get connected to one of my dad's friends. However, time has slipped away, and I haven't been good about updating people on Caroline's progress. . .until the blog came along.

Well. . . Nancy gets the church newsletter. So, the e-mail from Nancy tonight was a delight to me. Nancy was the first person to read my article in the newsletter and ask for my blog address. I sent it immediately, and she wrote back (almost immediately) and said that she'd come by and check it out.

Fast-forward to three hours later. . . I'm checking e-mail one last time before going to bed. There's another e-mail, only this time it is from Lois, who I assume is Nancy's sister-in-law. Talk about a surprise! Lois wanted the address, too.

Now, you all know me. . . I'm going to share that as quickly as can be, because I'm prouder of my kids than just about anyone!

So, Lois & Nancy--thanks for coming by. To the rest of you who read the blog on a fairly regular basis, thanks, as well.

You have listened to me vent when I've been upset; you've been a virtual "shoulder" to cry on; and you have been the most engaging & encouraging group of virtual cheerleaders a girl could have. I have said it before--but I think it bears repeating: I have been blessed by people that I haven't ever met in person. That is truly a sign of our times, but it's also a reminder the blessings can come from the oddest of places. . . even the world-wide-web.

Oh well, it's time to watch the end of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Race. I'm pulling for Dale, Jr. to at least make it into the chase for the cup. He's battling extreme odds. But, my "boyfriend," as Mark calls him, Jeff Burton, is doing fairly well. He's got a secure place in the race for the Nextel Cup. I'll be quite the happy girl if he wins it.

Hello. My name is Angie. I am a southerner.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone! Oh. . . and I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to Emily, who is Beth's daughter. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope that Caroline and I can come to meet you all -- all forty seven of you -- very soon!

OOPS--before I hit the "publish post" button, I have to add that with six laps to go, Dale, Jr. blew an engine. He will still race in the last ten races, but he's not going to be a contender for this year's cup title. (Just wait until next year--when he drives for Hendrick Motor Sports, it will be a whole new ball game. . . so to speak!)


Blogger 20Birds said...

thanks for the bday greetings...she adn the other 46 people in the family have gone to church... i have a nasty flu thing going on and am up just for email and your blog nothing going back to bed... i will be back later

11:10 AM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Hi Angie,
Is there really a family with 47 people in it???

I'd like to comment on your racing enthusiasm, but I don't have a clue what's going on in that world. Anytime I've flipped past it I'm afraid someone is going to get hurt. The mom in me.

You mentioned twice in comments, "You doing allright today?" Thanks for the concern, but I don't know what's supposed to be wrong with me... although I did have a snake dream last night... scared me to pieces. Otherwise, loving each day the Lord gives me and busy with lots of projects. The dollhouse is coming along nicely.
PS Tried calling yesterday and your line was busy. Will try again next week.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

That's one reason I started my blog - to stay in touch. I can write well, but I'm not really a letter-writer. And not much of a phone-caller, either. But I can put out a blog entry almost every day.

It really is another way to reach out and touch someone.

Thanks for sharing, and congrats on expanding your audience!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Nancy Whelan said...

Thank you for the nice remarks, Angie. Yes, Lois is my husband's sister. They knew your dad before I did, I was 10 and in the 5th grade when I first met him. It's good to be in touch with him through email and now your blog. I'm looking forward to reading all your entries for the past year.


4:22 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hello my name is Helen and I am an Aussie...I am ever so glad to get a daily giggle from my southerner friend Angie's blog! Your blog rocks girl!

Hopefully we are off to the V8s this weekend (our Nascar equivalent) so I am right there smelling the fumes with you !

8:02 AM  

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