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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Riddle

What do you do when you are stuck in a doctor's exam room with your 12-year old son for four hours?

(Answer below)

So, it was like any other Monday. It was Caroline's first day of school. And no, I did NOT take any pictures of it. Nor have I posted NASCAR pictures from the weekend. (Sorry, Doug!) I tried to post a few pics last night, and the stupid computer and I fought until one of us cried.

And tonight, I spent just a wee bit too much time on the phone with friends and family members. So, alas, no pictures. I do kind of wish that I'd have taken a picture of Caroline this morning. (And, I had my camera)

But, when I pulled up the bus stop (our church parking lot) the bus was already there! I was early -- but she was earlier. So, I hustled Caroline onto the bus, and drove to the bank for some cash. That was it. No tears. No fanfare. Just got her on the bus, and away they went!

She had a good day. I guess she has a new friend named "Joe." Her card came home today, and said, "Caroline played and talked to her new friend, Joe." I assume that Joe is not an imaginary friend. But if he is, I can live with that--at least she's talking at school.

. . . seriously, one of these days, I'll be getting notes that say, "Caroline needs to learn to NOT talk in class." So, for now, I want to say to her speech therapists and teachers. . . "Don't poke the sleeping lion." But, they're the professionals. I'll let them continue to try and make her talk. It's really not an issue at the house.

We learned that Edison indeed does not have any allergies to speak of. He does, however, possess a set of adenoids the size of "hen eggs" and that's the source of his nasal speaking voice, and I assume, our lack of kleenexes in the house.

So, tomorrow, I'll be placing a call to an ENT specialist, and we'll see what next steps need to be taken. I was very proud of Edison. If you've had tests for allergies before, you know that it's not a fun process. He was a trooper the entire time.

We passed the time, as any mother and son would for four hours in a cold exam room. . . .no, not done with my post, so you'll have to wait and see. They had told us to plan for up to four hours, so I had the latest issue of Ladies Home Journal, and 2 copies of GH that I took from the lobby. I also had my Brown Belt Sudoku book, so I was ready. I did about three puzzles, and read all sorts of articles on decluttering your home (I still need to) and organizing your closets (BOY, do I need to). So, I put the time to good use.

But, alas, my blog entry is done. Have you figured out what you do for four hours, while you sit and wait for doctors, and nurses, and xrays, and techs?

Well, you...........................

a little more.................

you have the talk with your pre-teen son

That's right. I got brave. I got bold. I never took my eyes off the sudoku book, and I explained it all. . . even the stuff that you don't want to talk about. That's right. He knows. He knows it all.

Don't I get a medal for this?


Blogger Mellykat said...

Holy ROCK.

That was some serious multi-tasking you did in that office...sudokus and THE talk!?

Someone should put a chapter of you into a textbook somewhere!

Glad to catch up with you a wee bit but I need some more Angie time. Please.

Big Squeezy Hugs,

Melly :D

12:18 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Yes, you do!

But you have to make it yourself!

And did you remember to tell him how grounded he is if he even THINKS about kissing anyone before he's 21?!!

And yay for first day at school. Lexie's is the 10th (she starts a week after everyone else). Don't feel bad about the picture. Sometimes it's good for them to do things without the whole thing being captured forever!

3:14 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i love you soooo much... giggles, geez parenting is for super heroes.... will be posting a lyout today that you might like about jenni and mary... you are like a scrapper when you blog... i mean yoeu use the space and get so clever "laying out" your post...

12:06 PM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Angie... you GOLD MEDAL mom!! You accomplished a serious task, but you had me crying with laughter.

I haven't emailed as I had to sleep the day away yesterday to regroup from our 4 day ADHD visitor. Today Boyd and I both have 'to-do lists' and I'm sneaking a blog-read/comment between things. This blogging business takes so much time. I'm thinking of cutting down my list of people to a more do-able amount of blogs.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Aaahh are my inspiration. I too was at an ENT yesterday but luckily my boy is only six! LOL! Great work Mum! Now if I could just have a transcript please! For future reference.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

um, yes. And you get to script my talk for Drew and Owen when they become Edison's age.

9:31 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

angie, come out and play.... i miss you

10:07 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Aaaah. Now I understand. Sudoku books are the way to get through The Talk.

Yes, you get a medal. Not the "Above and beyond the call of duty" one, but definitely the "Bravery in the face of much trepidation" one.

Good job.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

ahhh.... the talk,

My mom just talked to me about that 2 weeks ago.
Turns out I was doing it wrong...


9:10 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Me again. I have awarded you a Thinking Blogger award because I think you're fab and you deserve it. Come and get it!! xx

11:45 AM  

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