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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Week Has Come & Gone

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. Amazing. It's a rainy Friday here just outside of KnoxVegas. We need the rain, so I am choosing not to complain, although I did get a bit grumpy while out running errands and dodging raindrops.

Caroline and I had an amazingly productive morning. Two loads of laundry, and a dishwasher load were run. Clothes are put away, a new afghan for Ms. Lindsay's new baby (due very soon) was wrapped and delivered. Registration money for Edison's CIY conference was delivered, Candy for the Easter Egg Hunt was delivered, and a reimbursement for work expenses was picked up. . . . we even dropped off the picture order and money for Edison's spring school pictures. And the bulk of that (other than laundry & dishes) was done in less than an hour. Makes the fact that Caroline is down for a nap easier to understand, doesn't it?

Oh. . .and while she was at the church with me, our youth minister and children's minister taught her how to carry a dart gun (nerf). She then went into Randy (new boss) and showed him the gun that Adam & Tim put in her hands. (He -- Randy -- promptly taught her how to shoot the gun at Adam!) I work in such a loving, nurturing environment, don't I?

Well, since she's down for a nap, and I've got a million things to do while she's "occupied" I'm going to keep this short. I'm attempting to watch NASCAR practice from Bristol. . . but it's raining, so practice is delayed.

It's funny, the "girl" in me really enjoys rain delays with races, because that's when the reporters go around and talk to the drivers. It's where you get to meet their families and their teams. They joke around, and have fun when they're not so seriously analyzing track speeds, pit strategies, and tire wear.

Ooh. . .they're recapping practice thus far.....they just showed Jeff Burton's qualifying run. He may or may not make the Sprint race on Sunday (currently qualifying 40th) In an interview, he said that he is NOT racing in tomorrow night's Nationwide race. That was the race where I was preparing to "suck up" to my friend who works for Nationwide Insurance -- to get free tickets.

But, knowing Jeff has opted out of this race (Scott Wimmer is driving for him) I can watch the race from home, and not be too envious of the 162,999 other fans in the stands where I would normally want to be. I've already warned Glenn (my Nationwide friend) that the "Offical Suck-Up" of 2008 (OSU08) will begin after this race. . . Hello??!? There's a fall race.

So there you have it. . . a rainy day in KnoxVegas. No particular song to make you hum today. I'm sure you've got some sort of music running through your heads right now. If not, e-mail me. . . I've always got some suggestion up my sleeve.

Happy Weekend!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Angie!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

If you and your DH nead a chaperone to go with you to Bristol in the fall, I have a couple of volunteers - one right here at the keyboard! Because suck-up tickets are priced right, ya know?

12:08 AM  

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