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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring is on its way!!!

Last night, in our ladies Bible Study at church, I wanted to drive home the point that our tongues can be a very dangerous weapon. James 3 talks about the ability of our tongues to praise God one minute, and the next curse our brothers. His next line is perfect. . ."My brothers, this should not be." Preach it, James!

So, to illustrate how dangerous the tongue can be -- especially when information is transmitted (not always accurately) from one person to another, we played the "telephone" game. I said, 'When snow flakes fly, can spring be very far away?' And, to my delight, they were pretty close when it made its way through 15 people.

But it is true, Spring is definitely on its way. In my post the other day, I gave you some lovely shots of Caroline and me (I do a mean Jabba the Hut impression, don't I?). But I didn't put a couple other beauties in. Like this one:

I mean, how much cuter can you be? A little girl trying to kiss some daffodils?? I love it.

And, I love her.

(And yes, my friends, that *IS* your song to hum today!) If you're not familiar, go to iTunes, put in "Beatles" and "And I Love Her" and you'll be set. Holy Toledo, Batman! You can go to YouTube and watch the *actual* Beatles singing the song. Go on, I dare you!

I don't know. . this song is so atypical for the Beatles. I just love the haunting melody that runs through the verses. And yes, if you must know, I am humming it as I type.

Of course, with our spring renewal (I can't say "thaw" because we never really got frozen stuff) we are needing some serious spring cleaning around these parts. Here's just a small list of the things I *should* put on a to-do list:

1) mulch around the landscaping

2) remove the last of the dead leaves before attempting #1

3) clean out closets (give away clothes and toys that no longer "fit" us)

4) clean out the "other" side of the garage, so 2 cars can fit inside

5) rid myself of kitchen stuff I haven't used this year*

6) plant some new flowers in the front flower beds

7) finish the two bathrooms that are nearly finished

8) donate stuff for the church yard sale in May

*Since we moved nearly a year ago (can you believe it??!) I can be a bit more objective about the things that I have and haven't used in the past year. In fact, nearly EVERYTHING in those boxes on Mark's car's side of the garage, have NOT been touched, seen, smelt, or felt in a year. According to lots of experts (and I believe them) those things do NOT need to live here with this family.

It's just a matter of taking the time and using it wisely to go through those things and "repurpose" them for someone else's life. I really need to do that. I probably need to start a to-do list.

Let me go write that down. . . Ha!



Blogger Steve said...

I just read that book of James this morning, on the bus. What a, like, coincidence! Surely couldn't be a God thing . . .

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, you're really on the vintage song kick! Is it true that all the stuff we listened to are now "OLDIES"?????


I sent a response to your request. Sorry for it being so late. You really touched my heart today! I hope you don't mind me bearing my soul on that one.


6:16 PM  
Anonymous tiger lamb girl said...

Yikes - this post hits home with me. We've got a barn with oodles of boxes from our move (just over a year ago). We simply don't have the space in our house............must go through them and re-home stuff! Sigh.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

A year!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that! Wow! And yes! That is certainly a haunting melody that I also love! Have a great weekend Angie!

9:08 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

that is one of the most beautiful photos of my girl ... i see such a contemplative side to her in these photos... much like Jenni was and is, and no i do not think that is Ds trait, I think that is personality... no i cannot beleive it has been nearly a year since you moved... but it makes remember all the house sale prayers,,,and so now today you mark edison caroline please pray that that something happen with immigration today!

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A year? Ah-MAZE-ING!

If we could get the snow off the ground perhaps I could start thinking about the list...but it is so cold here today...well, this is the time that James tells me to hold my tongue :)

Caroline is LOVELY.

3:55 PM  

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