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Thursday, February 21, 2008

All Those Years Ago......

Man, it seems like FOREVER since I've posted. The last couple of days have been especially crazy. Nothing that can't be endured, but it's certainly been a bit more hectic than usual.

Let's look at all the areas of my life, and give a brief synopsis, shall we?

Work - all is good. New boss is amazing. There's an excitement at work -- but no one can seem to point their finger to exactly "what" is so exciting. Maybe it's the upcoming (subtle, and not-so subtle) changes on the horizon.

Family - we're all fine, I guess. Knox County schools were shut down today and will be closed tomorrow - due to the flu epidemic. So far, Edison's school has remained open. I keep praying good health on those kids. Of course, he's old enough to stay home by himself, if I needed to go to work. We're going through an interesting phase right now. (I know he reads this, Beth. You don't have to remind me) I just wonder what goes on between his ears when he slips into that (totally annoying) sullen silence. I know him--he's not one of those kids "on the edge," but when he goes "stealth" on me, it makes me curious. Of course--he's thirteen--and within minutes, he is being silly, dorky, and back to his normal self. So, I've given up trying to understand it for now. I just keep praying.

Caroline? Developing that stubborn streak that individuals with Down syndrome are so famous for! And lately, if you want her to do something (like say, EAT for example) that she doesn't want to do, she purses her lips, and sticks her tongue out in this fine, little point. Endearing. Truly, it is.

Mark and I are taking advantage of a night out tomorrow night. The Disability Ministry at our church is offering a Parent's Night Out for families with children with disabilities. They do this about 4 times a year. We've decided to hit up this little diner in Sevierville, and then hop across the street (no, not literally) to see the new movie, "Vantage Point." I saw Forrest Whittaker on Regis & Kelly this morning, and it looks goooooo-ood.

Hobbies -- last night, I worked on the latest "girl" afghan for my gift stash in my closet. I'm done with the variegated yarn, it's just time for the border. I may work on it tonight, but I really want to get the scrapbooking stuff out, and work on some pictures.

I'm going to an overnight Crop next Friday & Saturday with my friend (and scrapbooking supplier) Cindy. My buddy Ann (mamachef for those that read comments) is going to be there. Ann, Cindy, and our friends Laura and Cindy B. have all decided that we need some time away. Cindy B. needs it so bad -- she's driving over from Rural Hall, NC to join us! (She moved away last year, and she's coming back for the fun!)

Cindy had this overnight crop last year -- and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't set any goals for myself -- nor did I break any records. But I am really looking forward to some dedicated time to get my books in order . . . and getting some serious scrapping done. As always, I wouldn't leave you hanging. I'll keep you posted--and will post the results when I get home.

This weekend, the quartet with whom I sing (good grammar -- always) is leading worship at a Ladies' Retreat in Pigeon Forge. One of the girls in the group is an "adopted" member of this church's women's ministry, so they asked her to bring us along. (ha!) We are all looking forward to it. We haven't sung together since this past summer, although we're on a worship team together. It's been fun getting a few of "our songs" back together, to sing this weekend. Every time we practice, we tell ourselves how much we enjoy doing this....and say that we should find more songs to sing. But, we all are very busy. Saturday should be fun. When we're done with the morning session, they're setting us free (BY THE OUTLET MALLS) to shop for 4-5 hours. We haven't decided whether we're going to shop the whole time, or shop part-time, and sit and gab the other part. Regardless, I'm bringing my camera -- hoping for some fun "road trip" shots!

So. . . .other than that craziness, all is well. I still have a million things to do. I am thoroughly enjoying this Beth Moore study that we're doing at church. It has blessed me in so many ways, I cannot begin to describe it. And, the coolest part? Last night, when I mentioned the idea of starting another study when this one ends......? Nearly EVERY head was bobbing up and down, as if to say, "Yes, let's do another one! Please, let's do another one!" That's encouraging.

Okay. I'm done blabbing. I'm off to read some of my fav-o-rite blogs (as seen on the right) and then I'm pulling out the scrapbooking stuff. Nothing's gonna stop me. I know, I know. . .famous last words.......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you Angie! The flu has been rampant here as well - blech.

Have FUN at the overnight and date night and singing - very cool stuff!

9:08 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i want to do the next study toooooo angie, please take me with you up whatever mountain has you going on next!!!!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

dude, i got mentioned in your special am i?! but wait, i said "dude" so i think that negates any coolness i might have just accumulated. fiddle sticks!

i can't WAIT til the scrapbooking fun begins! only sad part is, i hafta leave early :-(

9:58 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Welcome back, Lady Laz!

Sounds like you've been full to the brim with fun stuff. Keep up the good work.

10:32 PM  
Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...'s been TWO years since our last overnight...lest I missed one!!! Katrina (cough cough) was hugely preggers at that one, and Alaina turns 2 in April!!! Oh yes, it's true!! I just wish it were TOMORROW dang it!!! I'm SO in need of some girl talk/time/eating/cropping :D

Who are you singing with???

1:28 AM  
Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...

PS...I'm on board with another study too!

1:31 AM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

OH MY! That is huge....schools closed! Unheard of here! Must be bad! Hope you are all okay. Princess and the tongue sticking do you not laugh???? Have a great weekend my friend.

5:20 PM  

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