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Saturday, March 15, 2008

So, is this what my future looks like. . .uh, er, I mean "his" future???

Edison was chosen to participate in a speech contest sponsored by the Woodmen of the World Insurance Company. The entire Middle School wrote speeches, and he was chosen in the top three for seventh grade. After a number of weeks working on the speech (even rehearsing with the Principal of the school), the competition was on Thursday afternoon.

Mark and I both made it over to the competition. The kids had to write about a great American landmark. Edison chose Yellowstone National Park. Initially, he had chosen the Twin Towers, the Statue of Liberty, and some other famouse place he's never seen. . . but they were taken by (pouting) classmates (his words) and he finally settled on Yellowstone, because no one else had chosen it.

. . .that is, no one else in 7th grade. A 6th grader had also chosen Yellowstone. She focused on the natural beauty which is Yellowstone, and the habitat for animals. Edison went more for the history and "national landmark" view.

He did well. I was very proud of him. The judges consisted of fellow teachers from the school and the Headmaster of the school. I noticed, when it was all over, the Headmaster complimented Edison (BY NAME) and told him that he'd done a good job. I am hopeful that Mr. Grubb is keeping an eye on Edison -- because he is such a great kid. I'm hoping that he doesn't know Edison by name because of some other notorious reasons.

. . . oh? Did he win? No. In fact, he came in seventh out of eleven. His fourth grade teacher was one of the judges. She complimented his delivery and confirmed what I suspected, too. . .

He walked around like a preacher.

Really. He did. It was like watching a "mini-evangelist" up there on the stage. . . gold tie, and all. This picture was taken in the MIDST of his speech. Not after he was done.

So, I may have seen a glimpse of the future. I guess it is important that the next generation of pastor (I can't believe I'm saying this) has a thorough knowledge of 'the Suite Life of Zach & Cody,' and the Jonas Brothers.

I'm just saying.

And with that, I'm outta here. Caroline has the stomach bug. She's thrown up four times in the last two hours. Mark and I both have been 'hit' as well as her wall, floor, bed, and three t-shirts.

So, any prayers offered up on her behalf would be appreciated. So far, I'm keeping things down, but those puke-y smells about do me in. Edison has hovered, but we've done our best to keep him in bed, and away from the "goo" as much as we can.

Until we meet again. . . .

OH! Nearly forgot. We were offered two different sets of tickets to the Bristol race today. These calls came, of course, after we made the decision to pass up any offers. And. . . since the race was delayed 2 hours because of rain, and was called after 171 laps due to more rain. . . I'm glad we stayed home.

. . . although I did miss the sound of those engines roaring in "Thunder Valley." And I'll be watching from minute #1 tomorrow, because Dale Jarrett is retiring after a very exciting career. He's one of my favorite drivers. I'll probably cry if they do some sort of retrospective. I know. What a sap.

Oh well. . . . I gotta go do some more laundry.....



Blogger Steve said...

Thanks for the updates! So We're gonna have a preacher in the family, eh? Not surprised. I think he'll do well. He just needs a wireless mike.

And nice job of picking a good race to have to miss. Would have been fun, but that would be a short race for a long drive. I saw a couple laps, and the stands didn't look very full at all.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY Edison! He's beating most adults with his public speaking skills...And those skills are SO important!

So sorry to hear about your sick little bug. Hope and Pray Caroline feels better soon. NO more goo!

3:28 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

I enjoy a speech with a bit of oomph! Every time I have to sit through some sort of 'presentation' it seems to be a Powerpoint presentation where the 'presenter' reads off the words I could manage to do for myself. Oh, the tedium! I think Edison has the right idea!! xx

4:58 AM  
Anonymous tiger lamb girl said...

I hope Caroline is better soon!! xoxo

7:29 AM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Congrats to Edison....great character building as my father would say. And big hugs to the princess. I hope she feels better soon. Mine has much coughing and little sleeping on this side of the world.

1:24 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

can we make him into a calvary pastor and get him a hawaiian shirt?

5:11 PM  

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