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Monday, July 14, 2008

Did I say "OverWhelmed?"

Good. Because, I meant to.

I'm feeling like I'm just barely able to tread water and keep my head above the waves. (Which reminds me of the old Bill Cosby skit where Noah and God are talking. . . "How long can you tread water?") Such fun.

Anyway. . . I'm finding it harder and harder to live up to this year's word: Simplify.

My life feels like anything other than simple right now. In fact: Frenzy would be a more appropriate word for my life.

But, there's a sense of calm, and a Source of peace which passes all understanding. I need to seek HIM first. Then, all these things will be added. . . . yeah, I've got a tune running through some of your heads. (You're welcome)

* * * * * * * *Enough whining* * * * * * * * * * *

I have some really cool things to share -- and it's my bad for not sharing them first. Of course, you all read about my meeting up with Christy last week. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to believe that was one week ago today. But, it was. Wow.

Anyway, meeting her was so cool -- because it was the first time I'd met someone in person whose blog I read on a regular basis, that I'd never met before.

Today was my second opportunity. You'll see the name "Jennilu" in the right hand column of my blog. Jennifer lives here in my little town-let. (It's not big enough to be a town -- although we have a Starbucks and a McDonalds) Anyway, she and I found each other online, and discoverd that we lived in the same general vicinity. She had been to our church before -- because her daughter had gone to Art Camp here.

Today -- while picking her daughter up from Art Camp, she and Kaylea came up to my office and met me in person. They got to meet Edison and Caroline, too. It was bizarre, neat, sweet, and so cool all at the same time. I got to hug her -- and put a face and HUG to the words and conversations that have been such fun for me over the past couple months.

And now. . . there's a possibility that my friend Judy (also on RH column) may be coming through Knoxville sometime in the next week. Wouldn't that be a total HOOT? I could say that I'd met THREE blog friends within a month -- in person?!!?!?

And yes, Beth and Melany -- I want to meet you guys, too. In the worst possible way. And Helen? Don't get me started. I've wanted to travel to Australia for YEARS. Talk about a dream come true.

But today -- I'm thankful for a "neighborhood" blog buddy. And, she's officially my "real life friend" as of today. We hugged and everything. . .


Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...

How cool is that! You'll have to point Jennilu out to me to meet online friends for real!

4:36 PM  
Blogger Jennilu said...

Yes, real-life friends. Like I said earlier, you probably know more about me than a lot of my family members. :)

9:01 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Way cool!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Donna Cooper said...

Awwww... nice to have those special moments. Especially right now!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's special meeting bloggers. I've met several as well.

We'll be coming your way... be patient...

12:12 PM  
Blogger The Pink Potpourri said...

how exciting that you got to meet those lovely ladies! i think it would be really neat to meet some of the bloggers i read regularly. you feel like you know them on some sort of a personal level, when you read about parts of their lives, and communicate back and forth.

anyways, i hear you on the "frenziness" of life. i think everyone experiences those days. but it goes by much easier for those of us who lift the burdens off our shoulders and pass them over to God. Just remember, He will never give you more than you can handle, so obviously he has it planned out that everything will get done in His perfect timing!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometime on Sunday we'll be passing through. Probably in the lunch hour or a bit earlier.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Judy, stop by her work and pull her out of the office for a few minutes. I'm sure she won't mind . . .

7:14 PM  

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