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Thursday, August 28, 2008

ThbBbBbBbBbffffffffffeeeeeewwwwwww!!! Or: Holy Cow. . . I'm tired.

But it was a good, good day.

I made it to my meeting in Downtown KnoxVegas -- and didn't even get lost! (I love that Tom-Tom dude) I was able to secure the police presence, and city engineers that are needed to make the Buddy Walk a success.

I did good.

Then, it was off to A.C. Moore to get supplies for a craft project thing-y at church. (Goes with Home-building Sunday) And yes, I *did* manage to find a few scrapbook papers that just had to come home with me. (snicker)

After A.C. Moore, I hit up Kohl's. Man, I loves me some Kohl's. Found a new slate placque for my kitchen, and a couple of thank you gifts for some special people. Then, it was off to Target for the things that I usually buy at Walmart. I can't explain it -- but it just felt better to buy toothpaste and deodorant at Target.

And, after all that, believe it or not, I was home by 12:30 p.m. I even stopped at my office to drop off/pick up a few things. Talk about your successful morning!

After lunch, it was Buddy Walk stuff -- I know, surprise, surprise.

Caroline and I ran to the Post Office and grocery store after she came home from school. I felt bad, because I lured her into the van by saying we were going to the "office" (which means MY office). Unfortunately, I meant the Post Office--and we didn't go inside. We just dropped the letters in the outside box.

When we left Kroger, and had loaded the car with groceries, she said, "Okay Mommy, go to office now?" Sigh. I'm a bad parent.

I thought the oatmeal/raisin cookie in the deli would detract her attention from a trip to the church, but alas, I was wrong. I told her that we were actually going home because Daddy and Edison would be there. (Shortly after our arrival) And, God love her heart -- she fell for it.

After coming home, she gleefully played with her puzzles, and watched Barney. I began unpacking the car of groceries, and started cooking dinner. I tried to imitate something I saw Rachael Ray do the other day. It wasn't half bad. . .if you don't hold the "no vegetables" against me.

I made seared pork chops (boneless). After searing them (and nearly burning them) I let them rest while I heated apricot preserves and soy sauce in their cooking pan (yum). I then put the chops back in that juice for more cooking.

Meanwhile, I cooked 1/2 box of whole wheat spaghetti -- and tossed it in a skillet where I'd been sauteeing green onions, garlic, mushrooms, and edamame (soy beans). After things were "tossed" I threw in some of the braising liquid from the chops (with the apricots) and some teriyaki sauce.

Oh. . .I also made rice, because I wasn't sure the boys would eat the noodles. But they did. Caroline scarfed down her rice and noodles. (This girl is made just like her mommy -- CARBO Queen!) She also managed to eat some pork --with nagging. All in all, it was very good.

We each had some form of chocolate for dessert -- you know, it's sort of a vegetable. Hello? Cocoa BEANS???!!!

Then, it was bathtime for Caroline--homework time for Edison--dishtime for Mark--and naptime for Angie.

That's right. . . I fell asleep watching a rerun of "Law & Order." I'd seen it before -- and it didn't involve Vinny. . .so it wasn't an abomination for me to fall asleep.

After that, Mark and I collectively helped Edison write his speech for the Student Government elections which are being held tomorrow. He was nominated for SGA Chaplain. I hope he gets it. The kid really does have some good leadership skills--especially when it comes to spiritual matters. I am praying that this will also give his self-esteem a little "kick-start."

I'm saying. . . being a woman isn't always like riding the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island. . .but I would NOT want to be a boy, and deal with the pressures of growing up. (sigh)

So, after he went to bed, I headed for the computer here. I'm scheming how I can get my hair cut tomorrow. If I have to, I'll wait until Saturday. But, I'm hoping for tomorrow. We're trying to decide about having a "small group" picnic on Sunday night. . .and I'm gearing up for a day at HOME tomorrow. Caroline has a 4-day weekend, so I won't be alone. But still, it will be nice to not have to go anywhere if I don't want to.

. . .yes, there ARE Buddy Walk things to do. Calls to make. Faxes to send. And I'll work on them. . .as I choose to. I'm going to enjoy my house tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing. (really) I've talked before (ad nauseum) about the virtues of Facebook. I cannot begin to say how much fun I've had since I signed up a few months ago. I have reconnected with friends from college, high school, junior high. . .you name it.

Well, two days ago, I was able to reconnect with my old buddy Dan. Dan is literally one of my favorite people in my entire life. He and I became friends late in high school. Maybe our junior or senior year...? I cannot even remember HOW -- because we seemed to have totally opposite interests. He was in band. I was in choir. He took German. I took Spanish. I think he did the Humanities track (2 years) and I did the college-prep reading and writing classes.

So, how we became friends is a mystery to me. But, while I was away at college, we began writing each other. He would come visit me when I was home on Spring and Winter breaks. He took me to see "The Christmas Story" in the theater. It wasn't a date. We were just good friends.

My favorite Dan memory -- and I wasn't there. . . he showed up at my parents' house when he thought I was home for Spring Break. I had actually been home the week before. However, the funny part? He showed up in a gorilla suit. . . knocked on the back dad answered the door, and all he said was, 'Hi, Dan!' Dan just hung his head, and shook it back and forth.

It could have been no one else.

Anyway -- Dan is on Facebook! I have not only gotten to catch up with him. . .I've met his beautiful wife, Sherry! Talk about amazing. Totally cool.

As we've written messages (LONG ONES) back and forth, I remembered why the letters he sent me in college were such a lifeline. . . they're HILARIOUS. I am going to attempt to cut & paste the last paragraph of today's message from Facebook. This is just one example of my crazy, zany, wonderful friend, Dan.

". . . to close, here is an amusing thought. . . .

What would happen if 1,000 people gathered in one space to simultaneously blow up and release their large party baloons? I'm not talking about the quaint helium-filled Hallmark-moment kind of experience. I'm talking one long sustained


I hope to orchestrate such a moment some day."


Blogger Steve said...

What a full day! Sounds like fun.

And you're really going to have to add some audio to your site, such as you doing the balloon noise.

I dare you.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Hilah said...

Enjoy your day at home today! And...I am totally with you on the Target thing :)

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a Dan in their life... Glad you have him as a reunited friend...

btw, loved the music reference on your comment to my post yesterday. I countered it.


8:16 AM  
Blogger SmallWorld at Home said...

The problem with Facebook is that now I'm having DREAMS about people I knew in high school! It's all so bizarre!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

everything seems better when it comes from target, why is this?

also, i'd LOVE to participate in the mass balloon releasing sound effect experiment. can we make that a church event?

2:13 PM  

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