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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Keepin' it Real

John, our new Associate Minister, preached this morning from the book of Haggai. Not an oft-read book, but one rich with truths for us. It was a great sermon. The worship service was good. . . the greatest ever, but it was good. And, I came away with a renewed sense of how I want to live this year.

I mentioned the other day that I am striving to eat better. It's true. I've been back to counting WW points for the past 48 hours. And, lo and behold, it hasn't killed me. In fact, today's lunch was especially yummy. I simply stir-fried some broccoli, onion, peas & carrots with some brown rice, 1/2 of a baked pork chop, and an egg. It filled my dinner plate -- and my tummy. Works for me.

So, I'm back to Fiber One bars (thanks to the pointer from Stephanie) and drinking gallons of Crystal Light. And yes, Melany, I am on the lookout for strange digestive things that happen when you drink 2 liters of grape flavored drink in one day. (trust me, it's weird)

What have I re-learned in the past 48 hours? A couple things:

1) eating healthy feels better than eating crappily
2) drinking more water leads to more exercise (esp. after age 40 and 2 kids!)
3) sleeping comes more easily and readily when you eat healthy

And yes, to all of those, you can loudly, but politely say: "Well, duh."

So, no great weight losses to report, but I feel great! And yes, come to think of it, snack time is just around the corner. Hmmmm, what will it be today????

Last night, I actually sat down and read for an hour or so. It was reading for work. But, it was still good to read. I also picked up a copy of Beth Moore's daily devotional "Praying God's Word" which is what I'm going to use here at home. I'm taking my copy of "My Utmost for His Highest" into the office. It really is time to make some significant spiritual and physical changes around here.

I'm also going to try to make some real strides on finishing projects that have yet to be completed. I think that goes hand-in-hand with the whole "simplify" idea very well. By ridding myself of the stress of unfinished projects, and completing them, I will get to clean stuff out (which I LOVE) and give things away (which I love even MORE). So, I'll do my best to keep you posted as those things transpire.

Here's something fun. . . . .One thing I learned over our holiday break was that my nephew reads my blog. (Hi, Daniel! You know you're my favorite, right?)

This revelation has brought about a new sense of "Holy crap, what have I been saying on here?" I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes Elaine's Christmas picture and in the picture, part of her breast is exposed. One of the most hilarious moments is when she has to apologize to her sister for the card -- and for the fact that her nephew is "hiding" her card under his mattress.

I don't want to type or publish anything that would corrupt my nephew--or my kid, for that matter. Edison doesn't read the blog nearly as often as Daniel does, or so it appears. (Daniel corrected me on Facebook where I mistakenly credited his dad for winning Round #2 of our New Year's Eve Office game). Sorry Daniel. You won. There. . .now the six people that read my blog know that you won, too. I'm sure we all feel better.

Well, I'm sure there's more I could say. . .but it's 2:00 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I am seriously considering sending the kids outside to play. . . it's in the 60s here. I have some newly washed quilting fabric that needs to be ironed, and I've still got some work to do on Mom's table runner, and an afghan that's begun, but not completed.

And to top it off, I need to go change someone's pants, and use the restroom myself. Yep, it's life as usual around here!!

Happy Back-To-School Day tomorrow!!


Blogger 20Birds said...

i am with you on the crystal light, it is time to get back to healthy stuff you do end up feeling better

4:30 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

and haggai is my favorite book, weird eh?

8:47 PM  
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