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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is full of Surprises!

But who am I telling? You know this already.

Let's see, when I last wrote, we were preparing for the Spell-a-Bration on Thursday night. It wasn't much of a celebration in our house. Edison was eliminated in the 2nd round by the word "mattress." (No, he didn't leave out one of the "T's" he forgot the 2nd "S" at the end)

I don't know. . .

He said that he really wasn't concentrating at the time.

I know. . . .

So, we came home, by way of Starbucks, and as we drove through the parking lot, Mark and I couldn't help but notice a mattress store behind Starbucks. We didn't mention it. . .initially. Like I said, we're laughing about it now. But, as I told Edison on Thursday night . . I am certain that he will never mis-spell mattress again.

Friday, Caroline finally went back to school. I took her in a little past the normal time -- giving her a chance to get one more sleeping-in morning under her belt. When we walked through her classroom door, the other kids in her room were excited that she was there. One friend nearly bowled her over with a hug -- and then proceeded to take off Caroline's backpack and coat (without unzipping it fully) to put them away.

That was nice.

I spent the rest of Friday doing mundane work stuff, and doing some preparations for cookie baking. This year, the teacher gifts are going to be somewhat simpler (and less expensive) so there was some prep work that needed to be done.

The economy hasn't affected us directly -- except for rising heating costs and gas expenses in filling up the cars. But, we continue to hear about friends and family members who are being laid off, or are unable to find work (or sell houses) because of the dismal economy.

So, this year, we're trying to be more rational in our spending, and we're making an effort to give homemade gifts when we can. I've nearly finished the one last big homemade gift that will be given away over Christmas. If I get it done this week, there's a second one -- not nearly as big -- that I'd like to get finished. If I get it done, it will effectively eliminate two gifts that need to be bought. So, I'm kind of anxious to get both projects done.

Then, and only then, am I going to start on a "honey do" list for myself. I would like to make another throw for our living room. I need to make a new quilt/throw for Edison. And, I still haven't gotten curtains up in the sun room. I found fabric today that I'd forgotten I have. I think it will do very well in some areas -- maybe backing Edison's quilt -- so good things are happening. It's just a matter of finding time to do them.

Today has afforded me two wonderful surprises. The first was a chance to reconnect with an old friend from high school tonight on Facebook. We had a live "chat" for about an hour. It was really nice. We were able to share some updates on mutual friends -- and just talk. He was always involved in musical stuff -- so we spent LOTS of time together through the years. He told me that his mom passed away in 2004. That made me sad. If there was *anyone* that was a fan of our choral groups, it was Stella. She was just one big bundle of love and encouragement.

Earlier today, my best surprise of the day came after Mark took Caroline shopping with him. I know. . .that in itself is a reason to rejoice. But, that's not the big surprise. When he got home, he showed me the gifts he'd purchased (I gave him a list) and he did very, very well. Then, he handed me a gift bag. Inside was the Willow Tree Nativity set that I wanted. I don't think I had told him that I wanted it. (I actually tried dropping a subtle hint to other extended family members -- in hopes of getting it next year!) But, his surprise today was an "early" present that, he said, should be enjoyed before Christmas.

I agree. It's out. It's beautiful. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm tired.

Too many surprises in one day wears a girl out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwww...Mark's so sweet!

I'll be posting about my big day later on this morning...In the meantime, gotta do the rounds...

Big hugs!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Nice day - nice surprises.

5:09 PM  

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