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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Tonight was a busy, somewhat splintered night for our family.

Mark came home from work early so that he could accompany Caroline to a gathering with other patients of our beloved cardiologist, Dr. Jeffory Jennings. The practice has formed a support group, and we are a part of that group.

Since joining the group, we have been treated to an ice cream social (I had a Buddy Walk meeting), participated in the Heart Walk (it was raining), and tonight -- it was "Build a Bear" night at West Towne Mall. And yes, I had a worship band rehearsal.

So, my wonderful husband, along with 12 or so other parents, endured the process of "building a bear" with 25 (or so) kids. Caroline's bear is un"bear"ably cute. [Sorry, it's been one of those days where puns and other humor has played a large part in my sanity.] After the kids built their bears (at the expense of our beloved doctor) they went and ate pizza at Sbarros.

Okay, when I saw this, I about died. Could there ever be a more precious child? I think not.

Oh wait! There she is with Amanda. I stand corrected.

And yes, Auntie Beth, there will be pictures available of BOTH of them in their cheerleading outfits. Soon. You have my word as a mom and a scrapbooker.

They then traveled to Bath & Body Works and redeemed a coupon on my behalf. I have seen the contents of the bag -- and I think I am allowed to indulge myself before Christmas, but I'm going to make sure, just in case. It involves peppermint. And that, more than just about anything, makes me giddy this time of year.

While they were building "Amanda" the bear, and eating pizza, Edison and I were eating a quick dinner of McDonald's in my office, and getting ready for worship band practice. It had been a somewhat crazy day -- getting the service order ready for Sunday morning. There really wasn't a whole lot of pressure to have it done by tonight, but I am really trying to get my planning done well enough ahead of time that I can have some "not hate Christmas" time this year.

So, we made it through practice. And, this band is always fun. I mean. . . FUN. There are a couple notable members (the boys in the back) who keep us laughing. And, of course, there are other antics going on the entire time we rehearse, so you never know how a rehearsal is going to turn out.

Rehearsals like tonight can be somewhat stressful, however, because we were "cramming" new music into our repertoire for Sunday morning. Now. . . I usually try to give two (2) rehearsals before introducing a song -- partly for my own peace of mind -- but also so as not to stress out my singers too much.

This week, we're doing TWO, not just one, but two new songs/arrangements. One is the 'Third Day" version of "Angels We Have Heard on High" and if you've not heard it, you've really missed something suh-weet. Here's a link to it on youTube. link

Then, we learned another new song. This one is called Offering. Now, for those of you who already know this song. . . sometimes we "stumble upon" songs later on than the rest of the world. I could give you all sorts of excuses, but I'll refrain. [get it. . .refrain? It's a musical term.] Anyway, here's a link to Paul Baloche singing this beautiful song. . .mind you, we don't sing it quite so "formally" as they do on this verson. link

This second song has stuck with me tonight. I guess it's those words in the chorus:

I bring an offering of worship to my King
No one on earth deserves the praises that I sing
Jesus may you receive the honor that your due
Oh Lord, I bring an offering to You

It's just that simple. Nothing or no one deserves praise like God does. . .and yet, in this season, when our focus is squarely on the temporary, we lose sight of what HE gave us in sending Jesus to earth. (Yeah, I'm getting a little preachy here. Indulge me.)

I guess what drove it all home was sitting in the drive-thru line at Starbucks following rehearsal. Edison had offered to buy me something at SB after we got done. I knew it was because he wanted something too, but I was willing to indulge him. Just before we got to the speaker, he decided that he didn't want anything. (I think he was afraid that his gift card was getting low on cash. It wasn't) But, he was willing to give up having something so that he could buy me a Peppermint White Chocolate Hot Chocolate.

I convinced him to order a hot cocoa for himself, too. . . with the promise that I would cover anything his gift card couldn't pay for. (He still has at least $8 on the card -- he's fine)

But, things -- precious things -- were offered to me, and to our family today. God has taken care of us in so many ways over the last week or so. From providing a new battery for my van (it died on Thanksgiving day) to providing warmth and shelther -- two of our most basic needs for which we seldom offer gratitude.

So in the spirit of offering and receiving, I am saying, "Thank you."

I have been blessed beyond words. Cared for and provided for on a consistent basis. Yep, that's me. And I am thankful.

And now, let me offer you something(s) that will, I hope, make you smile. . . even more pictures!!

This first picture is long overdue -- and it's proof that I have met That Chick. . . .and Boy Child and Girl Child (as well as Jason. . .who loves Jesus, by the way). They came to the Buddy Walk this year -- and totally made my day. (I think it made me cry a little!)

This is Caroline with Adam, our Children's minister. He also came to the Buddy Walk and walked in support of our girl. She thinks he's something wonderful. (She's right)

I just find this funny. Here's my baby girl -- sporting her Dale Earnhardt pajamas, and having a tea party. You'll have to pardon me, but it's freaking hilarious.

This is the dude -- working on his math, I believe. You can tell it's math because I am NOWHERE near him, helping out. Yeah. . . it's getting more and more difficult for me to help him these days!

Me and the kiddos at the Fantasy of Trees on Sunday afternoon.

My two precious kids decorating our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving morning. (I know. It's bad luck. Don't ask)

And then there's Maude! Eating her lunch at school. That's right. We're bringin' cutesy back.

You surely didn't think I was going to say "sexy" did you?


Blogger That Chick Over There said...

SQUEE! How awesome! I wondered for a long time if you got a picture of that, because I believe I saw your mom snapping one while we hugged. How awesome!

(I do wonder where Jason was though. Probably brushing his beard or something)

6:44 AM  
Blogger MDA said...

Jason and I were discussing the scoio-economic iplications of professional wrestling and monster trucks in today's current economy. We didn't want to be captured on camera. We're sneaky like that.

8:02 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

bringing cutsie back is right!!! how did you get such cute kids????? i love these photos and want more and more

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All those photos made me tear up... With joy, of course!!!!!!!

3:52 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

The photos ARE great! I know how That Chick feels, it was wonderful meeting you in person.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Rock 'n Roll Momma¬© said...

random moment...sbarro's was the first sign at the mall i could see clearly when i got my first pair of glasses at the age of 9. i was amazed that other people could read those signs!

javen eats they very same lunchables at his "school". he takes two bites of each item in the tray until it's eventually all gone. my little OCD mini-me!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

So many pix, so little time. Thanks for sharing.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Nana said...

Love the photos. Amanda is too cute-but not cuter than Caroline! Edison is sure a keeper! Love those kids!!!!!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

That is one very special doctor. What fun to be able to do that for his patients and what fun for them.

The Starbucks story is adorable. A gift from his heart. Soooooo sweet. Now that deserves a layout!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Hilah said...

I love the new "Offering" song...been listening to it a lot since...well I guess that was just last night...but it's a good one. A heartfelt reminder of what is important and meaningful in life.

10:50 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i did finally blog come say hi!

6:53 PM  

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