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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sounds and Smells

As I type, Mark is out in the yard -- blowing leaves onto the property behind us. The whine from the leaf blower I got him for Christmas reminds me that I did a good thing. A really good thing.

Lest you think that we are irresponsible homeowners. . . the FOREST is on that property. We just get "blessed" with all the leaves that fall from the trees. We're just "giving back to the giver" so to speak.

Edison helped for a while this afternoon. It's a big job. There are lots of trees behind us -- and we're kind at the receiving end of a wind tunnel effect in the neighborhood. All the houses on our side of the street that are adjacent to the trees experience the same "joy" of autumn leaves.

Edison and I went for haircuts this morning. I even "pampered" myself by having my eyebrows done. It hurt like heck -- but really felt SO good when it was done. I think they look good -- my skin is just VERY white underneath where the eyebrows were. Oh well. . . that's what makeup is for, I guess.

We stopped in a WalMart after haircuts. I picked up what I hope is most of the food I need for this next week. We also got Caroline a winter coat -- it's not too heavy -- but our winters aren't that harsh. I also got her a sweater for Christmas. I have learned my lesson -- if I see something I like, and don't get it that day when I go back, most likely it will be gone. This sweater was too cute to risk that.

I finally got the perfect material for her bedroom curtains. The stuff I'd bought before is just TOO harsh. I'll use it for a baby blanket for her babies, or something. But, today's fabric is white seersucker with tiny pink rosebuds. That's more my speed -- and it will help subdue the overwhelming PINK that you experience when you go into her room. It will also compliment her new comforter/quilt -- so it's all good. I hope to get that valance made today -- and get it in place before our "Ohio" company arrives on Wednesday.

The other cool thing I got at Wally World??? I found some clearance trim -- for pillows, or something. I want to continue making Christmas trees like I did last year -- and this will be another fun, unique tree. I have high aspirations of making it today -- shouldn't take too long. If I get it done, I'll post a picture later.

Well, a little girl is beckoning at my right arm -- and there are lots of projects to finish, as well as make homemade pizza tonight for supper. I was inspired to make homemade pizza by one of my friends on Facebook last night. She said that she'd made homemade pizza for her family, and then they were watching "The Grinch" which sounded totally delightful.

Us? We'll probably have homemade pizza and watch some form of holiday entertainment. I'm about ready to watch "A Christmas Story" for the buh-zillionth time. I love that movie!

I made a batch of caramel corn last night. Oh my goodness -- I forgot how much I love caramel corn. You know BIG love with a pink puffy heart. And then today, I made Crispix mix. My intention is to have this done before our company arrives on Wednesday, but I fear that I may be making another batch before they arrive. It is SO good. . .and it makes the house smell so delicious.

Oh, one more thing. . . . I was delighted this week to reconnect with four or five friends on Facebook that I haven't spoken to in YEARS. One was a friend from back in 3rd grade. Nancy and I were very close friends--which meant that we were either getting along or fighting like cats & dogs. We slept over at each other's houses. We shared the dates & times of when we "became women," and talked on the phone into our high school years for hours on end. It was a real treat to learn that she's back in Chicago, happily married, and eager to renew our friendship.

I also got to reconnect with my 7th grade art teacher. I know that sounds totally bizarre -- but he and his family became members of our church shortly after he was my teacher. You might think that I attracted them to the church -- but more likely it was that he needed the LORD after having taught me! :) One of his daughters was especially precious to me, and wrote me letters when I went away to college. I haven't caught up with her yet -- she's married with kids now. But, it has still been a phenomenal week to catch up with these and other old friends. I'm putting emotional emphasis on the word "friends" rather than on the word "old."

The only other "news" of the weekend was that Caroline went to (survived) a birthday party yesterday for a little boy from our church. She had a great time. She even sang the WHOLE birthday song with everyone else. It was pretty cool.

You might not think that is noteworthy, but I think I've shared this before. . . . Caroline doesn't always get invited to kids' birthday parties. I am not sure if parents don't want to associate with her, or if they're trying to protect her from the mayhem that typically ensues at a child's birthday party because she's sensitive to lots of noise and chaos. Either way, I have been reminded this past year that there will be things that she will naturally be excluded from -- because of her "situation." And yes, if you're wondering, it SUCKS to type that. But, by the same token, I don't foresee us holding lots of slumber parties in the future. And no, that does NOT make me sad! :)

Our life is just going down a different path. It's not a bad path. . .it's just a different one.

I cannot remember if I've ever shared this particular piece of literature with you or not. Many of our friends gave us a copy of this when Caroline was born. The name of the piece is "Welcome to Holland" and it still makes me cry when I read it. The bottom line? It's true. Every word. If you've ever wondered what parents of a child with a disability go through (especially those first few days & weeks) this piece of prose will give you some idea.

Here's a link. Enjoy!!


Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...

I LOVE A Christmas Story!!! We are anxious to watch it here at our house's kind of like that annual rite of passage to welcome the Christmas season! Last year at sears I noticed they had Christmas village pieces from that movie!!! Thinking back, I wish I'd gotten a couple...oh well!!!!

No matter how hard we try to tear down the barriers for those with special needs, they don't completely go away, and I hate that so much!!! Thankfully, God is greater than all of that! And so you know, Caroline, as per Abbie's requests, has a standing invite to our house and Abbie's parties...Abbie thinks of her as one of "my best friends"...I hope our girls will remain good buddies over the years.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


looking good!

Love the welcome to Holland poem. it's even meaningful for baby sisters like me!


9:12 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

Beautiful poem Angie. Yes that was the Odeumn in Villa Park. I've never been there and of course we got lost for a bit but I wasn't driving ;)

10:11 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Love the poem, love you guys, and we especially love that beautiful little girl of yours.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Prose from the pros.

And the "Ohio" bunch is looking forward to everything - food, family, fun.. And most of Friday.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Helen said...

great to catch up on your news my friend....have a great week.

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Donna Cooper said...

I had a sad moment in Holland this week. Sometimes the reality of someone not wanting your child is still a slap in the face. :***(

I'm going to have to try the homemade pizza. Haven't done that in years!


8:32 AM  

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