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Friday, July 31, 2009

Kid #51, Where Are YOU???

Okay, if I'm honest -- I'm too young to remember that classic show. I assume it's a classic. Regardless, it's something for which I am too young to remember. (And that, my friends, felt very good to type!)

#51 is now a significant number in our household. NO. . . not because of a secret alien invasion site. Although, that might explain a few things happening in our neighborhood. . . hmmmm.


It's Edison's new football number. That's right, my linesman (defense & offense) is now number 51. It's a small school -- even in high school, they can play for both sides. (Leave that alone)

He'll be home tomorrow afternoon, after a week of practices and team bonding time. We actually spent a few minutes with him last night -- and watched them practice a few plays in the "other" field. They don't practice on the actual field. . .which, for me, makes no sense at all. But, I'm not the "athletic" type, so what do I know?

Mark went to their football camp cookout tonight--while I held an orchestra rehearsal at church. He said that he met a few families, and the coaches and trainers gave talks to the parents.

One such trainer was the doctor who will be on the sideline for every game. His topic? Injuries. At one point, more specifically, spinal cord injuries. Yeah. . . glad I was one mile away, practicing "Rock of Ages" and "Blessed Be Your Name."

They have a great plan in place to watch over the kids and treat any injuries that might occur. And that makes me feel better. . . . sorta.

So, tomorrow, when he gets home, I'm hoping for more stories about his week -- and I'm optimistic that I'll hear some stories from his week in Cincinnati. Some of his friends have posted pics on FB from the trip -- so I hope that if I "make him" look at the pictures with me, he might share some of the stories with us. We'll see.

It will be nice to have all my family back under one roof. Caroline has really missed Edison this week. She has cried (literally) a number of times, and I think it's because things are not "normal" around here. She doesn't typically cry -- she pouts, winces up her face, and gets tears in her eyes--but she rarely cries. But this week? She's cried a number of times.

So hopefully, when order and normalcy are restored around here, we'll all be happier.

Not much else going on -- yesterday was a busy, but amazing day. I was privileged to speak to nursing students at South College again yesterday. This particular class was even more interactive than the first couple of classes were. And, one of my co-presenters was the nurse that cared for Caroline in the NICU when she was first born. She's also the mom of a girl with Down syndrome -- and I was able to talk about (and THANK) her in front of these other nursing students. I think that they could see -- in our friendship -- how important those relationships can be that they form when taking care of families with kids with Ds.

The professor stopped me on my way out the door yesterday, after nearly everyone else had gone. She thanked us for coming out and talking to the students -- and when I told her how pleased and honored I was to get to talk to them (for the third time), she said something I didn't expect. She said: "I can really see how you've grown in the past three years."

I've grown?

I mean. . . I've seen this woman (now) three times in my life. But, I guess she saw something that I didn't realize, or see.

And that? Meant the world to me.


Blogger Steve said...

Cool. Way cool. Keep shining the torch, in big and small ways.

By the way, we saw a pony ride at the county fair today. Your folks are much kinder. Good choice there, kid.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#51 will be fine with football. You got a good one there... Did he get some Graeter's in Cincinnati? I miss it already.

That's cool that you got to speak to nursing students. The more they know, the better they will understand the whole story -- not just the medical part... That's just awesome. Oh, and a nice compliment on the growth.

Wow, yay you on that!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Judy said...

What a wonderful compliment.
Does this mean summer is coming to a close? We've never had football players, do they keep the same number all 4 years? We had 4 hockey players and they will always be #9, #16, #15 and #19. How fun for Edison.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

51 is a good number...that was Sean's number all through high school. I'm glad that Edison has finally returned home and things can get back to normal in the Aubrey house. It is hard to believe he is going to be a freshman in high school. We hope to get out to some of his games...well, Barry will try. Have a great weekend...see you Sunday!

8:14 PM  

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