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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well, would you lookie there?

The sun did indeed come up -- and Tuesday was a better day than Monday.

In fact, I apologized to the bus drivers for my "outburst" on Monday -- and after a little convincing, they accepted my apology.

And, as I type this brief recap, Caroline has "redecorated" my kitchen floor with Dora the Explorer memory cards (a matching game) by putting them in her new, plastic jack-o-lantern. I guess she figures Dora cards are the next best thing to candy. (Oh my, she has a lot to learn) She's also using some stray computer cord to "click" them. Not sure what is really going on over there -- but I'm able to type in peace.

It really has been a kinda crazy week. But, I've made it through.

She doesn't have school tomorrow -- Fall break(?). It's homecoming weekend for Seymour schools -- so they had the parade today, and she came home with candy. Not so bad, I suppose. And, being "pizza day" today, she was pretty darn glad to go to school this morning.

Edison's final football game for the season is tomorrow night. It's an away game -- nearly in Nashville. We're going to cheer for him from the comfort of our home. One game in middle TN per year is probably going to be our limit.

He had temporarily decided to join the bowling team after football season, but we've encouraged him to enjoy a bit of a break. He has been doing football since late July -- and with practices not ending until nearly 7 p.m. every night, he's been tired. I think he'll enjoy the break from extra-curricular activities. Of course, he's still involved in the worship band at church, and the worship band at school. So he'll have plenty to keep him out of trouble.

I need to stop this -- and get some more stuff done around the house. I've got a band rehearsal this evening -- and although I'm looking forward to learning a new song, or two -- it's always stressful (just beforehand) getting stuff together, and getting everything organized for a seamless (yeah, right) rehearsal.

So, until I write again. . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad it got better...HUGS!

8:47 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

All is better for Little Orphan Angie. Yay!!!!!

10:50 PM  

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