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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simply Believing

My signature line isn't just something I came up with on a whim. Nope. Not even close.

Nearly two years ago, I faced a fear many women face. I had a breast cancer scare.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor -- 15 years this past April. She battled courageously and victoriously, and for that, and many other reasons, she obtained "hero status" in my book.

There are other heroes I've come to know throughout my lifetime -- and a number of them have battled, or are currently battling cancer of some form or another. And although their faith, courage, and triumph is an encouragement to me -- just saying the word "cancer" is enough to send that eerie chill up my spine.

This particular faith expansion project occurred two years ago, in the midst of this Bible study:

I underwent multiple mammograms, ultrasounds, core biopsies, and eventually a surgical procedure -- to determine whether or not I had breast cancer. I didn't. But, those four or five weeks were some of the longest (and most painful) weeks of my life.

It was during this time (and during this Bible study) that I came to a deeper realization that I not only had to know why I believed, I had to know the God in whom I believed. And not only that, I had to understand some basic truths about the God in whom I had put all my hope and trust. I learned that, and claimed boldly that:

  • God is who He says He is.
  • God can do what He says He can do.
  • I am who God says I am.
  • I can do all things through Christ.
  • God's word is active and alive in me.

And as I clung to these precious words of faith, I was reminded that my God is a mighty, healing, all-powerful, good, Holy, and most importantly BIG God. Nothing is too difficult for my God.

Throughout this entire process, I had friends and family who were praying me through this ordeal. But one, in particular was doing this from far, far away. Her name is Beth. And she is one of my faith heroes.

I have referenced her many times here on the blog. I've talked about her and her "forty five" kids (it's really just ten -- counting her hubby's kids). I've talked about Jenni and Caroline and how these two girls - separated by 25 years and two countries have indelibly bound our families together. I've recounted stories about shared scrapbook layouts, and recipes.

Two years ago, Beth "held my hand" from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Seymour -- and when my spiritual (and physical) arms got tired, she held them up. You see, she was doing the Bible Study with her girls and a few precious folks from Canada at the same time we were doing it here in Tennessee. She developed a message board on her website for us to talk and pray for each other. She even added a signature line to her blog reflecting the blue bracelets we wore. You can see it on her blog.

Well, today? I've got my blue bracelet on again, for Beth. And today , I'm claiming all those things about God that I believe with all my heart -- on her behalf. And, I'm asking you to do the same.

Beth had a biopsy done today for a lump in her throat. You can read the full story here - her beautiful daughter, Melinda, is doing such a great job keeping information flowing.

But today, would you please pray for her? Would you pray for Tony? Would you ask God, believing that He is BIG, and mighty, and powerful -- to sustain and heal her? It would mean so much to me. . . and to Tony, Jenni, Melinda, Mary, Katherine, Emily, and Hannah.


I just spoke with Katherine, who is at the hospital with Beth. They completed the biopsy, and the lump that they had hoped would be just an infection is not just an infection. So, we are now praying that the results of the biopsy (1-2 weeks) would be benign. And yes, the waiting is probably one of the hardest parts (if I'm allowed to quote Tom Petty here)

I'm praying for a miracle.
I'm believing in a BIG God.

. . .and I'm asking you to pray with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Done. And ongoing.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I will certainly pray for Beth. And I'm wondering if you've solved a mystery for me. I have a visitor to my blog every day from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and the reader comes from YOUR BLOG. I has to be her! I've just been dying to know who it is. I'm going to pop over to her blog right now. Thanks, Angie.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

done... please keep us posted. a friend of yours is a friend of mine....HUGS

8:36 PM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

I will pray for Beth and her family... add them to my prayer list! I remember praying for you during your ordeal... the unknown and the waiting is so scary.

Pray for Boyd too! He is on oxygen again for heart failure. Today he goes to his kidney doctor to discuss dialysis.


12:22 PM  
Blogger MamaChef's Ramblings said...

Ugh! 1-2 weeks!!!! OK...prayers for peace, patience and comfort!!! I will be awaiting word along with your Ang!!!!!

12:33 PM  

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