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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exceedingly more than we ask or imagine. . . .

I'm having an Ephesians 3:20 day. And there's just 15 minutes left of it.

For a Tuesday, it was actually kind of normal. . . busy, but I got through it. I had to make a frantic dash across town for a meeting. . . and a quick trip by Mark's office to get some cash before the meeting. (Lunch had to be purchased, and I was broke!)

Anyway, got through the meeting. . . all went well. Dashed to the grocery store and made it home with two minutes to spare (literally!) before Caroline's bus pulled up. When she got off the bus, she said two things:

"Hey, it's snowing!"


"I stayed dry today!"

Both statements were true. It was "spitting" snow -- nothing to be concerned about -- and she had, indeed, kept her Minnie Mouse undies dry all day. We're two for two -- and I'm over the moon excited.

Looking over her report card, which came home today -- I was ecstatic. The reports just keep getting better and better!

After picking up Edison from football -- and immediately sending him into the shower. (ick) I started working on dinner. I was going to make spaghetti -- but decided that a spaghetti casserole - I made up the recipe - was in order.

It was good. I mean really, really good.

After dinner, Caroline did her homework and Edison finished his, as well. After a huge giggle-fest with Mark while got her ready for bed, she went immediately to sleep.

You'd think those were the highlights of my day. Not even close.

Around 9:45, the phone rang. Part of me worried that it was the school system calling to tell us that Caroline wouldn't have school tomorrow. I could have handled a delay, but thankfully I was wrong.

It was my friend Joni. I wrote about Joni a few weeks ago - after her husband passed away very suddenly. Earlier today, she posted her first blog entry since Boyd passed away. I left her a lengthy comment -- I know, hard to imagine, eh? After my comment, she wanted to call and talk to me.

Have you ever heard about going to a funeral and the family ends up being the ones comforting the people that came to the funeral to comfort the family?

Well, that's how it was talking to Joni tonight. We laughed, reminisced about former blog entries, craft projects, and shared stories of our holidays. She talked about her two beautiful daughters, and how they'd been a huge support and joy to her as she walked through those first couple of weeks.

We talked about Caroline. I told her about the huge strides she's been making the past couple of weeks -- and I told her about Caroline's report card, which came home today. (Did I mention that was excellent, by the way??)

And, we shared words of encouragement to each other. I did my best to encourage her that life would return to an "adjusted normal," and that she would enjoy the beauty of spring when it finally comes to her corner of the world (Wisconsin). It's cold up there these days.

We coined a new phrase while we talked -- and because I know she's eventually going to read this post, I know I can share that term with you. We talked about "emotional vertigo" which she said pretty succinctly describes her during the past three weeks.

We talked about scrapbooking -- a passion we both share. We talked about the value of chronicling the stories of our lives -- and how both of her daughters pulled out her collection of mini-scrapbooks as they reminisced about Boyd.

It was an amazing conversation. It was over too soon -- and yet, we tempted fate by stretching the power of her "bars" on her phone. They miraculously lasted longer than they should have. I told her it was God.

Joni, it was wonderful to talk to you. Let's do it again, very soon.

Then, tonight - while perusing Facebook - I got an update on Beth through one of her wonderful daughters. It appears that the tumor is shrinking. . . and their next steps (which include chemo and radiation) are positive ones (as bizarre as that might sound).

Here's a portion of Beth's email. . . I wanted to share this joy with you, because so many of you have said that you're praying for her.

Beth's email:

Quite simply, there is a big development. The doctors have decided to continue with more chemotherapy. This is good news because initially the first two cycles of chemo were a trial ... to see if this cancer would respond. Dr M. believes the tumor has responded well enough not only to do additional chemotherapy, but also to add radiation to the treatment plan. This is an important development because the doctors had been "saving" radiation to use after surgery. Now they are adding radiation to the chemotherapy as the two (radiation and chemotherapy) make each other more effective.

Dr M. examined me this morning. This decision is not based on an MRI, but as mentioned in the last email, the excruciating pain went away when we began chemo last time, my speech has improved and the terrible congestion has vanished. There will be an MRI, possibly in the first half of February, which will give us a more definitive indication of progress.

Additionally, Dr M's team is working on moving both the 3rd and 4th cycle of chemotherapy to Thunder Bay along with the radiation. Dr M will retain oversight of my case; a decision that gives me much peace of mind and comfort. We will be utilizing tele-health video conferences.

Tonight, finds us elated and filled with gratitude for God's mercies. We are also thankful for the many people who are praying (around the world, including some people we have never met.)

. . . and that's where I came up with my blog title.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21

Someone pointed out earlier this week the use of the words, "immeasurably more" and "all we ask OR imagine. . . " This is big, my friends. Big!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emotional vertigo is very descriptive and very true... Hugs to Joni.

Awesome news for Beth. As you know she's been on my top of mind this week.

and yay for Caroline's wonderful news all-around...

6:41 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i have read this post several times already... i echoed some of your post in my post, i am without words but not without giant thoughts and feelings... joni sent me a lovely note, i am so admiring of her courage, and my darling caroline... i am so thrilled... again know that my heart is so wrapped up inall of you, you told me you were sending her in the minni's on Monday and i prayed all day monday for success, and shoot didnt on tues and God and Caroline took care of it anyway

12:50 PM  
Blogger Nana said...

Amen and amen!!

1:40 PM  

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