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Friday, January 12, 2007

Not Half-Bad, Actually

This week has been pretty good, I guess. I am on target to make it to Curves four times this week. This is a personal best, by the way. Two appearances is showing some effort. Three appearances would be a good average. But for me, four is unprecedented! If all the planets align tomorrow morning, I should make it to #4 for the week.

Caroline has had an interesting week. She had a few unexpected encounters with animals. On Tuesday, her regular babysitter had an appointment, so a new friend of mine watched her. Laura, or "RA" as Caroline calls her, had told me that she wanted to watch her sometime. Well, sometime came sooner than I thought. She graciously agreed to keep her for me on Tuesday morning - and sadly I didn't call her until Monday night. sigh.

Tuesday was the day we (supposedly) got snow. So, halfway through Caroline's visit, Laura's son got sent home from school. It made for some quality playing time for Caroline and Jordan. The family has cat(s), and from what I'm told, Caroline didn't mind them that much.

Fast-forward to Thursday, when her "Tuesday" sitter kept her so that Mark and I could attend a DSAG board meeting. Stephanie's family has a new puppy, Chewie. I believe his name is short for "Chewbacca," because his official owner, Stephanie's 9-year old boy, is a huge Star Wars fan. Chewie is an adorable, precocious little beagle. He won me over in a heartbeat, just by flashing his little puppy dog eyes at me.

Caroline wasn't convinced. Even when I laughed and let Chewie lick my fingers and chew a little, she laughed/cried and wanted me to hold her. According to Stephanie, whenever Chewie got disciplined, Caroline would cry. So, it's safe to say that we will not be getting any pets anytime soon.

The week is rounding out beautifully. Tonight, I get to go back to a crop at my friend Cindy's house. I haven't been to one of her crops in MONTHS. I spent about an hour getting things pulled together. I have over 60 pounds of supplies that I could take along, but I'm opting to go with one bag - and have planned out my supplies ahead of time. We'll see if it works.

I've done nothing with Edison's school book in the last year. If you read it, you'd think he's still in 4th grade. So, it's time to get 5th grade accounted for. Especially since we're over halfway through 6th grade. Could someone please figure out how to make time slow down?!?!

The other night, while looking for Melany online - and not finding her - I made this little layout. It's a scraplift from Berta over at Digiscrapdivas. I liked the clean, simple layout. And, the picture I chose is one of my all-time favorites. I've scrapped it before. But, when I go to print layouts and put them in a book, this layout will be the one that I print of Caroline's first tea party. Enjoy!

Have an awesome (3-day) weekend!!

Note: To see the layout, click on the link above. Silly me - I am on a different computer, and can't access the file to put the layout directly in here!


Anonymous beth said...

thanks for stopping by and encouraging me... you are tried, true, and faithful...

1:11 PM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

As soon as you figger out how to slow time down, I want the recipe for it!!

Loooooooove to catch up with you here at your blog when life gets too busy to chat!

Melly :)

1:14 PM  

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