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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome Back. . .Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

I love old TV theme songs. This one, in particular, is a favorite. For those of you under the age of 27, it's the theme to the beloved sitcom "Welcome Back Kotter." It starred John Travolta before "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease." For those of you . . . oh, forget it!

I seriously am starting to think the staff at our local Children's Hospital Emergency Room is going to start singing "Welcome back, welcome back, welcome ba-a-a-ck" to us the next time we walk through the automatic doors of the ER with Caroline.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Friday night/Saturday morning, Caroline woke up with a stuffy nose and a slight fever. For the record, my children have this knack for getting sick on Fridays and Saturdays. Back when Edison was little, we were out of luck because the Pediatrician's office wasn't open on Saturdays. However, now, we can get in, if necessary, on a Saturday morning. Good thing.

On Saturday morning, my maternal instincts kicked in, and I called our Ped's office, just to see if I could get Caroline squeezed in for a quick check. The stuffy nose didn't concern me, but the fever did.

Got her in (last appointment of the morning) and sure enough, she has a strain of the flu. Yes, she did have a flu shot. No, this strain of flu was not covered by this year's flu vaccine. Figures.

They gave us two prescriptions for her--and one for Edison. I guess this flu bug is vicious. And, the doctor didn't want Edison to get it. I thought that was thoughtful.

Until I got to the pharmacy. $150 dollars later, I had medicine for one healthy kid, and one not-so-healthy one. And, wouldn't you know it, Edison despises this medicine. I guess it is pretty vile. He nearly pukes every time we make him take it, but at that price, the dude's gettin' a suppository if he doesn't swallow it.

Fast-forward to the afternoon nap. Caroline wakes up from said nap with croup. Yes, it was croup. We know croup. I just had never heard of it attacking in the middle of the afternoon.

Dad came and got Edison, and took him to his house. Mark and I bolted and made a dash to Children's.

Okay, side note here: If you take your child to the ER in the middle of the night, chances are, you're going to get seen quickly. Unless there's some sort of mass trauma, the ER at a Children's Hospital is pretty quiet after midnight. But, at 4:30 in the afternoon, on a Saturday......fuggedaboutit.

(forget about it - I wasn't cussing, Mom)

After nearly two hours, they finally took her to an exam room. Of course, the croup symptoms had subsided by the time we got to the hospital, but we decided to opt for safety.

The doctors even remembered her. (see my title) Granted, she is cute. And, between her cute and sweet disposition, and her precious little name, people tend to remember her.

They gave her a dose of steroids - that's right, my child is doping - and watched her for 45 minutes, and sent us home. All three of us. This was new. But, we didn't argue. It was nearly 8 p.m., and with the exception of the Cheerios that they brought to Caroline, none of us had eaten.

We left, very thankful for the prognosis. It was one of those croup incidents which did NOT require a hospital stay. Of course, she had steroids - dude, this chick was flying high!

Somewhere around 10 pm, she zonked off in my arms. After we got her horizontal, we crashed. What a day! But again, we were soooooo grateful to sleep in our own beds last night.

Today, she's been a little cranky, a little clingy, and again - hopped up on steroids. That's right, prescription #3 was purchased today. Mark got it. I didn't look at the receipt. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Other notes. . . .

Monday & Tuesday night and Thursday morning, our band from church has a "gig" up in Gatlinburg for a Church Camp conference. It's our first offsite gig. We're all excited.

Tuesday afternoon, Edison gets his braces on. He's excited, and a little scared. Tuesday afternoon, I have to give the orthodontist the down payment on his new speed boat. I'm a little nervous.

We've been watching the AFC championship game - and I just missed the game-winning interception which will send Peyton Manning to the Super Bowl. But, I'm that devoted to you, my faithful quartet of readers!

So, it's going to be a crazy week. Caroline is considered very contagious. I'm home all week with her in the daytime. Mom and Dad are going to keep the kids for us at night. (Mark's in the band) When "tinsel teeth" is ready to be photographed, I'll be sure and blog about it.

Until then, look both ways before crossing the street and keep your stick on the ice. (I don't know. . . what else am I gonna say?) Oh yeah - the Super Bowl is gonna rock bigtime! Go Bears! Go Colts! I'm so torn.


Blogger Mellykat said...

Great blog entry - glad to catch up with you...hope that li'l C is getting better and best wishes to metal-mouth this week - hope he enjoys eating Jell-O for a couple days. (I'm guessing).

Funniest part of the blog today was the title. Would you believe I NEVER ever understood what that part of the song said "Your dreams were your ticket out". So that made me laugh.

Hope all goes well and y'all have a great week. Talk at ya soon!

Love Melly :)

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW - poor little princess...hope she is on the mend now. You totally lost me on the stick on hockey? Not a very good reader am I!@#? Sorry Angie! Loved the title I will be humming "welcome back, welcome back, welcome back" all day - thanks alot Angie LOL! A little sad that we fit into the over 30 category these days! Aaahhh well.....and I loved your fuggedaboutit(forget about it - I wasn't cussing, Mom) - too cute! Cheers Angie! Love Helen

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Lori said...

You're a ... COLTS fan? I never knew such people existed LOL! I was SO bummed that the Pats lost, but then again I was starting to feel a bit sorry for Peyton Manning.... he's the Dan Marino of his generation. Too funny about Edison and the medicine... does that come in suppository form LOL? Wish him luck with the braces. I never had them and don't regret it in the least! Hope Caroline is feeling better and none of the rest of you get it! BTW, I tagged you in my blog.... but only do it if you want! :)

6:16 PM  

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