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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catching my breath. . . .

. . .that's what today is all about. Back to work day #2. Quiet morning. A couple visits from choir members, but overall, a quiet and somewhat productive day. Then, the phone rang.

Caroline's school is on the phone. She was wheezing. They had her in the director's office in the arms of the school nurse when I arrived (25 min. later). They'd had her outside, and she began wheezing. . .and therefore, crying.

They got her inside, and she calmed down and fell asleep. When Edison and I got there to pick her up (they didn't want her on the bus) she was still sleeping, and her breathing had settled down.

We loaded her up in the car, and headed toward home. . . by way of the church, where I'd left my cell phone. Thankfully, Edison has a phone. (details and pictures to follow) We stayed in constant contact with Mark, and after retrieving my forgotten cell phone, we called the doctor's office, and they squeezed us in at that very moment. Thankfully, we were just around the corner.

Dr. Hodge is not our regular doctor . . .but he used to be Edison's primary care physician. He's wonderful. He was stumped, too. He said Caroline sounded clear as a bell, and that her nose looked good. All he could figure is that she had suffered from a heat-induced bronchial spasm. Because we have albuterol and xopenex at home, he said if it happens here at home, give her a dose, and see if that doesn't settle her down.

She told him "thank you," and "bye bye." She was as sweet as could be with him. And, I know he enjoyed spending those 12 minutes with us - but in many ways, it was for nothing at all. . . other than my peace of mind.

We drove through McD's . . .of course, the princess wanted chicken and fry-fries. After all she'd been through, I obliged. I bought a side salad, and put 3 of her nuggets on my salad. Yum.

After lunch, we headed to Caroline and Grandma's hair appointment. Following that zoo, we took Edison to the orthodontist. We had gotten there 15 minutes early, and they took us way ahead of schedule. So, at 4:00 (his original appointment time) we were headed out of the parking lot toward the grocery store.

After shopping, we came home and I cooked brats and hot dogs on the grill. I boiled up a few ears of corn that looked good in the store. Alas, looks can be deceiving. While Edison and Caroline ate supper, we waited for Mark to come home.

As soon as he did, I took Edison to football conditioning practice. I came home, and Mark and I ate supper while Caroline ate "baby crackers" which are the coolest invention I've ever seen. They are Stauffer's Animal Crackers -- only in miniature.

After dinner, Mark gave Caroline her bath, and I put dishes in the dishwasher. Then, before you know it, it was time to pick up Edison at football.

I'm now home. I'm totally exhausted. I remembered to find the digital camera and some craft projects that were squirreled away in Caroline's closet before she went to bed.

I am used to posting my digital scrapbook pages, but I don't usually post my other craft items. Kate and Joni have really re-ignited that flame to be creative. So, I give you a couple examples of some penny rug items I've made. The burgundy/black floral disk will most likely sit under a candle, or something like that.

The heart will probably either be attached to a basket, or I will tie a ribbon on it, and hang it in my kitchen, or on my Christmas tree this year.

There are more projects bubbling under the surface. . .but for now, these were the ones I could find quickly. I've been working on a new baby afghan. I'd say I've completed about 1/3 of it. When I get it done, I will take some pictures of 3 or 4 afghans I have here at the house -- before I give them away. We've got two or three friends (and a family member) with babies on the horizon. . .so I try to always have 1 or 2 on hand.

So much for my "leisurely" return to work and my normal life. I'm totally exhausted from the events of the day, but they all went fine. We're praying that Caroline will sleep well tonight. I'm also praying (selfishly) for a good nights' sleep for me, too. I'll keep you posted. . . as always!

OH. . .I almost forgot. Yes. . . .Edison *does* have a cell phone. We purchased it for him on July 4. The purpose of the phone is safety and a means of communication as he is getting more involved with Youth Group stuff at church.

He spent the first two days flipping it open, and flipping it closed. ( We finally got him to call Nana & Papa in New York on Saturday evening. His first official call!

I couldn't help but photograph it. . . he wasn't amused. But, he knows it's headed to the blog, so he was allright with it. Here's my (growing up too fast) boy on his cool, new phone.

Now, if you will excuse me. . . I've got some crocheting, scrapping, reading, TV watching, and resting to do!!


Blogger 20Birds said...

the phone and the boy look cool, but really want you to not get to busy... keep getting healthy, and am praying for caroline...

9:26 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

You just can't help are busy even when you are resting! LOL! Great crafts more! You are so clever. I think you know how to knit time in there as well! Whoa to Edison...somehow a phone makes them seem even older! And glad to hear the Princess is alright...this Aussie Princess is also most partial to the ol' chicky for yummies!

12:15 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

I'm loving your treasures Angie. But you ARE doing too much! Goodness, Girl! You need to remember to take care of yourself in order to take care of those you love. It is okay to make yourself #1 for a while, until you are better. And then everybody else can take priority again. I know it's easy for me to say, but until you are recovered, you are at risk of making yourself ill. So, more crochet, more felt, more scrapping, and less driving! See - I could be a doctor!! Have a lovely, lovely day. xx

7:52 AM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Hi Angie,
WOW! That was some day! I've gotten so lazy since I retired from teaching... I just flow with my mood. However, I miss my girls around me, the crazy schedules, the nights I slept on the floor of their rooms when they were sick, etc. I'd do it all over again if I could. I hope Caroline (one of my favorite names) is doing well and you had that good nights sleep you deserved. I'll keep you all in my prayers.
PS I'm so glad I inspired you... I was looking around for some inspiration for myself this morning. Someone sent me to and it was just what I needed. I love the red dress in the photo and love the bags 101 instruction. Take a peek at the site. I think your heart is sooo cute... different colors... diff. sizes, etc. all glued on a grapevine wreath.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

oooooooh Joni, I love the idea of the wreath!!!

I'm headed over to that site asap. Of course, I'm back at work, so I'd better do something "official" huh?


2:59 PM  
Blogger Mellykat said...

Well look who's getting even craftier than ever! Now I'm never going to get to talk to you or scrap with you anymore ::sniff sniff::

Glad you're having so much fun and it sounds like you're as good as new (and as busy) as ever!

Glad C is okay and look at that tween on the phone. How cool is he?

Miss you!

Melly :)

1:39 PM  

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