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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Another [uninspired] Wednesday

That's right. I got nuttin.

Even the preschoolers seemed to have "hit the wall" today. They were tired, they were a bit cranky. Their "glub-glubs" lacked enthusiasm.

But hey, we've made it to the halfway point.

I finished my little dresser scarf/table runner that I was working on last night. Unfortunately, it's already adorning Caroline's bookshelf. . . and she's just now falling asleep. This picture (like so many others I've promised) will just have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm downloading files [very slowly] from my friend, Christy. She's designed a new kit in honor of her Mother-in-Law, Dorothy, who passed away a couple weeks ago. It's a beautiful kit. . . there's even a lace doily. I have so many ideas for this kit.

However, the download is taking forever. When it's done, I have some serious scrapping to do. I haven't digi-scrapped for a couple of weeks. I have gotten some "regular" scrapping done, as well as some serious crocheting and sewing done. So, it's not been altogether unproductive.

But tonight. . . maybe it's the rain. Yes, I said RAIN. We've probably received 2 or so inches of rain the past couple of days. (Yea, God!) I don't know. . .maybe the rain is making things seem slow, plod-like, and drab. The grass is greener. . .and it has nothing to do with the placement of the septic tank. The air is cleaner -- and I love it! But, rainy days have that tendency to bring our spirits down, ya know?

So as I close, I can hear my pretend celebrity boyfriend (Sam Waterson) on a rerun of Law & Order in the background. I just guzzled down my 2nd consecutive 16 oz. glass of Crystal Light lemonade, and my files are 73 and 77% uploaded (respectively). As always, any new pages done with this new beautiful kit will appear here first!

Enjoy Thursday. . . .it'll be here before you know it!


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