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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Utterly Amazing

Well, it happened again. Today, at noon, Caroline's school called. She had fallen asleep in the classroom, and when she awoke, she was wheezing again. I am befuddled.

When I got there (another 25 minute drive) she was talking, running away from the teacher, and laughing at everything they said to her. She did just fine in the car on the way home, and talked to me the entire time I was pumping gas.

I am totally confused.

Bottom line: she made it through summer school. She doesn't go back until August 25. She's out of Mother's Day Out for the next two weeks, and I'm going to have to completely re-work my schedule for those two weeks, in order to get everything done with a 3-year old in tow.

Other stuff. . .

I got a couple of scrapbook pages (the paper kind) done last night. I also finished up a few pages that needed refining. I'd like to get them photographed and put here in the blog. The pages of Edison's middle school graduation. . .you know, from LAST YEAR. . .are especially nice. I'll try to photograph them a bit later on. I am so behind in my scrapbooks, it's not funny!

This afternoon, we've got laundry in the washer, and I hope to make some zucchini bread this afternoon. Dad's zucchini plants are starting to *flourish* so I need to do something before he brings me more! I'm going to make one loaf with Splenda so that I can eat it without as much guilt. Not sure how it will turn out. I do have the Splenda for baking, so I'm pretty optimistic.

Edison has football tonight, and Caroline and Mark are supposed to go to a Smokies baseball game with some of the other families from DSAG. Should be interesting. Caroline likes to watch baseball, football, and basketball on TV. . .we call them all "ball." But, live sports could be another animal altogether. The camera is going to the ballpark as well. If there are good pics, they'll show up here first!

Mark and I were talking this past weekend about environmental concerns and living more responsibly. I've even been doing a little reading about energy conservation and living clean and green.

I am not - don't get me wrong - I am NOT jumping on Al Gore's bandwagon. Won't happen. Can't do it. Wouldn't be prudent. (yes, my Republican blood is showing through) But, I have been really made to think about our consumption or over-consumption of goods and materials here in the United States. We are a wasteful people. We are destroying our earth. We were put here to be stewards. . .that does not give us carte blanche to destroy it, and go looking for more.

So, I'm going to continue trying to come up with ways to conserve. Multi-tasking when I'm out in the van. . . recycling - especiall paper. . .taking back those plastic grocery bags that have taken over my garage. I may wind up getting some of those canvas bags for groceries and stop using the plastic ones altogether. We'll see--they *do* make good garbage bags for the kitchen garbage can.

I just think that there's a lot more we can do. . .and I'm going to begin looking for ways I can make a difference. Don't worry. I'm not setting up a windmill or anything like that. But I am gonna try!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

OH no! The poor strange! I wonder what could be causing it? Zucchini bread...yum-oh! Good luck on becoming more environmentally made me feel good....each household in Australia has rubbish bins and recycle we do good. We also recycle plastic bags and I have canvas bags for shopping. Thanks for another wonderful blog!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you. Check out
it will really amaze you. AND it would not be too terrible to be a little bit on the bandwagon....

10:14 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

"What about that 2 acres of rainforest I had slashed and burned to build our dream home?"

Hope you find out the wheezing mystery...

10:22 PM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Hi Angie,
I wish I lived closer, I'd come over and watch Caroline so you can get some things done.

My husband is diabetic and one fantastic cook. He uses Splenda in everything he makes and bakes. I can't tell the difference and I have sensitive taste buds.

I wonder what's going on with Caroline? Could it be an allergy?
They make you sleepy and wheeze. I know this is a scare for you and I'll pray for an answer.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Hi Angie
I know I'm running a bit late here, so hope you see this. Over here, we have our own special doctor for our 'special' little ones, called a Community Consultant. If it was Lexie doing the wheezing, I would be on the phone to her. I appreciate it's different in the States, but I do think an investigation is a good idea. They do, after all, have smaller sinuses and 'tubes' than regular kids. Or, might there be some kind of problem with Summer School? I got a note in Lexie's diary saying she was 'stubborn' about having her nappy changed, whatever that means. What I mean is, there might be something Caroline doesn't like about SS, that is perfectly normal to everyone else. Hugs xx

8:19 AM  

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