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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Three out of Four Ain't Bad

My apologies to Mom and Meatloaf.

Caroline is doing some better. The antibiotics seem to be making a difference. Edison believes that he has some sort of "sickness" too. The great thing? I was able to "force" him to take the Yellow Triaminic (ickky) because he is convinced that he's sick. And, it helps him sleep, too.

Mark took today off. He's still very achy. I'm assuming that he'll be going back to work tomorrow. We'll see.

I have an itchy, irritated throat. I'm telling myself that it's allergies -- and that Benadryl is the answer. I really hope I'm not getting sick, too. But for now, I'm the healthy one!

No other big news. I'm working on hand-quilting a baby quilt top that I bought at an antique mall years ago. It's very simple. I'd almost think that the printed blocks are feed sacks. But, it doesn't feel that old. I have completed the quilting on maybe 8 squares. I have a long way to go.

Seriously. There's not any more big news. Edison had a good appointment at the orthodontist today. Caroline's babysitter was able to get her to take a nap this afternoon. I found the notes that my boss gave me last week -- after nearly 2 hours of frantic searching. (I don't ever want to appear inept -- I came close today!)

Just a typical Tuesday in my book. . .Angie

Oh. . .just in case: My mom hates when anyone uses the word "ain't" and Meatloaf sang a song called, "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad." Just in case, you know. . . .


Blogger Kate said...

Mornin'. Glad Caroline's getting a little better. Poor Lexie is getting a little better, too. She had Fizzy up at 1.15 for some company, and is a little frail, and not quite herself.Isn't it funny how they're both ill with the same thing! Medicine obviously working. Now, don't get ill when there's no-one to wait on you hand and foot; that's always a mistake! Take care and have a good day! xx

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Jules said...

I hope the house heals soon! Sick is never fun, no matter the age.

Glad you found your reminds me of the many copies of "Brock copies" I have of short stories and poems we read in class - I can never find the original until I go to file the new one - SIGH.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Good Morning,
So glad Caroline is mending, but sorry the males aren't well.

Your quilt sounds interesting, but I can't picture it. Why don't you post a picture and then another when it's all done.

I'm going to be reconstructing my 'purse mess' today. I dread it... don't know where to start.

I'm counting my points each day, but havent exercised... and havent weighed.

Boyds going back to the lake this weekend... and I don't have to go. Yea!!!!!!

Must get started,

12:32 PM  

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