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Friday, January 04, 2008

As You Wish. . . .

If you read Beth's blog, she mentioned a couple of pictures that I sent to her hopes of cheering her up. Caroline got to wear her new Moose Socks today. I tried to get her to pose -- and decided it was more prudent to have a full-length picture first.

Now that we got her socks on her. . .she started saying, "Moose socks, mommy." and "Beth. . .Mary." (It comes out a lot like "Jeff--Mary" because of Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary) But, I explained to her that Beth and Mary sent her the socks. . .at least that's who I remember was in the car with Beth when the aforementioned socks were sent from the Great White North. We love our moose socks. Makes us feel warm and comfy on a cold, chilly afternoon. (It was really close to 60 degrees. Shhhh!)

Mark and I got her to lift her pant legs up -- to show off her socks. She obliged. We took pictures. Surprised?

Now onto the big night. We survived. We realized, this afternoon, that we were hosting 17 people--rather than the 14 we had thought about last night. Truth be told, we forgot to include the guest of honor and his wife -- and then we learned today that their 21-year old daughter was coming with them. We just grabbed a few more folding chairs from church, and set out another card table. All was good.

People were supposed to arrive at 6 p.m. The first guests got to the house around 5:54. It was the new pastor candidate's family--and Mark who was just returning from taking the kids to the sitter's. Did I mention that the sitter's are the couple that bought our old house? We thought it might be a little bizarre for Caroline. But, according to Edison, she never noticed. She just knew she was going to Barry & Kathy's house.

So tonight, at 5:40, while I was frantically trying to get things straightened up -- in case people wanted tours of the house -- I had to start cramming things into closets and drawers. What I really need to do is purge the house of lots of junk. Getting the house to the state it is currently in will help in the process. However, there's a lot to get rid of!

So, while trying to get dressed, put on makeup, and stash the last of the crap, I ran through the house and took pictures. Here you go. I'll narrate you through.

In the midst of all our decorating, I took it upon myself to put new pictures in frames. Don't you do that too? Put new pictures out rather than cleaning the bathrooms? Actually, the bathrooms got clean. But, pictures were updated, as well.

I love this black & white version of Caroline in the leaves. . . in a autumn leaf frame Mark got me a few years back. I put it out in the living room. I'm very happy with it.

We actually LET people see our bedroom tonight. This is my comforter -- and you can see one of the samplers that got hung last night. I still need to make curtains. And, the material is nearby -- and I can easily find my sewing machine, so it might happen soon. Mark went ahead and hung the curtain rods. It's all up to me!

This is my dresser. . .and it goes without saying that it was NOT this clean earlier today. I like it -- and am really going to try to keep it this way. One other side-effect of the big "sweep" was moving all my scrapbooking stuff out to the sun room. The only problem is that our sunroom is not heated or air-conditioned. Mark bought me a small space heater and I'm going to do what I can to only work out there when its not so cold. But, it's nice to have things out of our room.

This is a view from our bedroom door. The glider rocker is in the corner where the scrapbooking stuff used to live. I'm eventually going to get an overstuffed chair (or recliner) to go in the corner. I'd love a place to sit and read. . . and the time to sit and read. I'm not giving up that dream!

The kitchen got overhauled, too. We spent a lot of time yesterday morning hanging my copper pieces in the kitchen. This is what the kitchen looked like -- in preparation for the "buffet-style" dinner tonight. Oh, by the way, it was pizza (brought by someone else). I just made appetizers and salad. Desserts were "imported," as well.

In this picture below, you can see my new blender right next to my Kitchen Aid mixer. I made a smoothie yesterday morning. Yum. Caroline does NOT like the sound of the blender, but hopefully, we'll get her used to it. She didn't used to like the blow dryer, and now going "whoosh whoosh" is one of the highlights of her day.

Over the windows are five of my favorite copper pieces. The table was turned the long way - and we added one of the leaves to the end closest to the camera. I really like the feel with the copper in the kitchen. It totally warms up the blue walls.
My old kitchen table is now in the entry way. Last night, we hung our family pictures -- and put some other family pictures on the table. I really like the look we've achieved here!

This is the "office" with the "kid's table" in it. Mark and I actually ate at the kid's table with our youth minister's wife. We had a very fun conversation -- talking movies -- and laughing.

We moved Edison's old toybox out of his room, and are using it as a blanket/game chest under the picture window in the office. It makes kind of a nice window seat. I'm really happy with the new look of things in the house. Can you tell, or what?

This is a view of the living room. As I look at it, I realize that there really aren't any true changes. But, it shows you the additional seating. So, when you come to town--we can seat you. No problem.

Oh, did I mention? Our youth minister was here for dinner tonight. In an effort to show his affection for Edison, he short-sheeted his bed. We promised him that we would capture it on film for him. I didn't put all the pictures on here. . . .just one. But, it was fun to surprise him. I'm amazed the camera did so well in the pitch dark of his room!

May all your sheets be long, and may your troubles be short. Thanks for making it through this novella post! You are good friends to put up with all this.



Anonymous Judy said...

Everything looks so wonderful. You have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing your evening.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Mary said...

I loved the 'house tour' even though we've been there so recently!! Hanging pictures
adds a real personal touch!

11:00 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

oh gooodie... i loved it, i read it re-read it and will read again, so much to delight in...the house looks awesome and inspires me to put some photos on our walls

11:04 AM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

and jsut read it again, always more goodies to notice... keep praying.. emily used to not like the sound of rain,,, wow that was a tough year or so in florida where it rains alot

11:38 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Neat pix - and congrats on a good party.

Although I'm confused about why you served margaritas to church staff and a prospective pastor. Or did I misunderstand something about things being served "Buffet style"?

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Snorting at Steve's comment...that is FUN-NY!

I LOVE the copper and blue combo, Angie. It makes me want to jump in the car and make the trek so I can be seated in your living room...will you short sheet my bed?

2:09 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Wow... that looks wonderful Angie! Want to send some inspiration my way please? :)

2:38 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

What a fabulous post!! I loved seeing the tour of your house - I almost feel like I've visited you now. Your daughter blesses me everytime I see her. And that picture of her in the frame is simply amazing.
And, oh my goodness, we have the same BED! How funny is that! I love the copper & the blue together - really lovely.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

Thanks for the house tour... it all looks so nice! If it wasn't for company now and then, I'd never clean... much. I do my best decorating when company is coming too. And then everything looks great for a while and slowly, mysteriously it looks a bit campy again.

I like your quilts! In 2008 I am going to make a quilt. I'm thinking of the summer quilt on my blog with the one wide strip of birds on branches. That shouldn't take forever.

I have to start exercising or I'll never get into a mother-of-the-bride dress. I found one on J Crew where the bridesmade dresses came from. I thought I'd buy a 16 and have it taken in before the wedding, but I noticed it has tiny covered buttons on the back and that would make it difficult to alter. It's bright blue and strapless... my smallest part is my top. I'll have to have a little bolero made. Who knows? I'll call them tomorrow for the measurements. They sell out there wedding collections quickly and Wendy said to order it NOW. My lovely black and blue body, twisted ankle, and bandaged hand is not ready for swimming or a personal trainer yet.

Have a great family Sunday. Are you all football fans?? The GB Packers have a BY week so I'll only keep half-an-eye on the games. I'm working on our Christmas album... digitally. And updating my Rolodex ideas.

I'll give you a call one of these days and we can catch up.
Hugs to all,

12:55 PM  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Put up with it! I am in awe of it! What a are so good to do this....truly wonderful!~

5:53 PM  

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