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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pay It Forward -- the challenge is on!

365 days from now. . . if not sooner. . . I will be sending three handmade items to three people I adore.

Donna - sings in my worship team & is one of my newer friends. She's a blessing!

Beth - a spiritual "sister" and cherished friend that always challenges me to be the best Christ follower and mom to my kids I can be. And, trust me--she's the expert (on both, if you ask me). The woman has forty-five kids. (Okay, really she has six daughters, and her wonderful husabnd has four kids -- but I like the number 45!)

Jean - my blog sister/friend that I was able to meet up with in Nashville. We're (seriously) like two peas in a pod. She's been showing off some of her new fabrics & sewing treasures on her blog. Check 'em out -- it's pretty cool!

So, the stage is set . . . I have to start getting crafty/creative for these wonderful ladies. Then, it will be their turn to bless someone else. What an AWESOME idea!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! (Jean)

7:43 AM  

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