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Monday, August 03, 2009

No Harm. . .No Foul

I bear NO ill will towards some of my favorite comment-leavers. In fact, I like the fun dialogue that began over my zealous attempt to create a sewing space. :) Really, I do.

It's super late on Sunday night (monday morning, actually).

Miss C begins "Jump Start" day camp tomorrow. It's a camp designed to help kids with special needs get geared up for the school year. It's for preschoolers - 2nd graders. Should be interesting. Four hours each day -- surely I can carve out some "mommy" time in order to get some sewing, reading, or resting done, right?

Edison begins "regular" football practices tomorrow - in anticipation for the school year, which begins a week from today. Wow. He begins high school in seven days. Of course, we have had to have a few conversations with him about responsibility, discipline, and more responsibility.

I think it's going to get tougher before it gets easier. I like to think I'm up for the challenge, but on days like today, I seriously have to wonder.

In happier news. . . Mark took Edison to a Smokies game tonight -- our youth group from church met up with them there. They had a SonicFlood concert after the game. The team won. The concert was great (Edison's words). Mark tried for another autograph from Ryne Sandberg -- and nearly got one . . . six more people, and he would've made the cut.

Oh well. . .there will be more games.

Caroline and I stayed home, watched some TV, had one successful trip to the potty (her, not me). I usually do allright in that region. And, after her bath, we sang songs while I dried her hair. When it was time for her to go to sleep, I was asked to kiss her goodnight, and also to kiss her baby "Mimi" goodnight. I obliged, and heard not a peep from either one. I guess the kisses must have worked.

So, on that happy note - I'm off to sleep. I stayed up to watch a new (to me) show on PBS "Create" about lap quilting. It was so exciting. . . I fell asleep. Repeatedly.

BO . . . . RING.

So, until another blog entry finds its way out of my head, and onto my screen. . .I leave you with the assurance that I wasn't hurt or offended by comments! :) Bring 'em on. . .I can take it.


Blogger 20Birds said...

i knew you were tough... hey blogging is not for wimps! I love lap quilting but have never seen a show on it.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I am so not going to ask about the success of your trips to the potty.

10:53 PM  

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