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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Random Pics and Even More Random Stories

Okay. . .whew! Lots of things to catch up on here! Here are some random (seriously random) shots of recent events/projects around our household.

In a couple weeks, my mom, sister, and I will host a bridal shower for my cousin. Her color scheme and floral theme is blue -- with autumn flowers (especially sunflowers). Okay, first -- I LOVE THIS!!! But, we couldn't find any bridal shower invitations that had that color scheme. So, you know me. . . "It's okay, Mom. We'll just buy blank invitations, and get some scrapbook paper -- and I'll make the invitations."

Well, I did. . .with the help of my color printer, and Ali Edwards' font. . .here they are!

I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. And, Mom was, too. I guess that's all that matters!

Okay, some Caroline pictures. The other day, I found her "lounging about" in Mark's recliner. That wouldn't be so odd, except that she was laying like this. . . . .

. . .that's right--she was laying across the chair. It cracked me up.

Here at Chez Aubrey, we're all about supporting the economy by continuing to fly. And, as you can see, we don't discriminate. . . anyone can fly. Anyone -- Mary, the mother of Jesus (4th from the left) Two of the Three Wise Men (first and next to last) and, of course, royalty -- the King is the last person in line.

I know I've mentioned that we're knee-deep in football time. Here's a picture of Edison (#10 jersey) from last week's inter-squad scrimmage. His actual number will be #51. But, for this particular scrimmage, he was wearing #10.

Funny thing was, we didn't know which one was him, at first. We had kinda pegged him as #10, but it wasn't until he pulled off his helmet that we knew for sure.

Yep, that was him. And if there was any doubt, we could see him once he took the jersey and helmet off. . . .

Last week, we had the amazing joy of spending the evening with the Fife family. My friend Cindy and her kids also enjoyed dinner and hilarious conversation with us. Here are the three of us girls -- enjoying a laugh or two!

Jeff, Monica, Roger, and Isaac Fife are missionaries to Brazil. They lived here in TN -- and attended our church while Jeff was a student at Johnson Bible College. Our families spent a lot of time together, and Monica is one of those (rare!) friends that is like a sister to me. When she comes back into town (or the country) we can pick up right where we left off and it's like no time has gone by--except we (and our kids) have gotten older.

I'm still looking for the comparison picture -- when I find it, I'll upload it. Three years ago, we got the McRary, Fife, and Aubrey kids together for a picture. At that time, they actually fit on my mom's sofa. This year? Not so much. . .not to mention that the boys had been outside playing basketball -- and were clammy. I didn't want to expose my mom's sofa to that. So, we opted for the retaining wall by Uncle Jeff's driveway.

Yeah. . . imagine trying to get seven kids (age 5 - 16) to pose for a picture. This was one of the best we got. . . .

Monica has been an adopted "aunt" to Caroline from the very beginning. She prayed with me for there to even be a Caroline. . . when all my faith was gone. And, from the moment she knew we were expecting, she has prayed over her little life. When Caroline was just 4 months old, Monica came back to the states (by herself) for a visit.

Caroline still had her NG (nasal feeding) tube at that time. So, after giving Caroline a little of a bottle (by mouth) we fed her through the tube for the rest of the feeding. Monica held the syringe with Caroline's formula in it -- and declared with her precious Brazilian accent, "Look here, Sweet Caroline. I am . . .Aunt Monica is feeding you!"

That was then. . . .

. . .and this is now!

While we waited for God's intervention when Caroline was a tiny baby, Monica's youngest son, Isaac, prayed fervently for her healing. He told Jeff & Monica to tell us that (even before her heart surgery) God had already healed her. His faith, coupled with his strong declaration in the power of our healing God, is one of the precious memories I carry with me from those early months.

Needless to say -- I consider Isaac one of Caroline's most precious prayer warriors. . . .

There are more pictures. More stories. More reflections. But for now, this will have to do. I hope you've enjoyed another "glimpse" into our summer. It's been a wonderful, action-packed summer. And like every summer I remember as a child -- it was over even before it started.

Enjoy these last days!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at the handsome guys in thier football uniforms!

Caroline sits like I do (and the same way my brother does). I'm all about crossing my legs.

I chuckled at the airplane shot. If I could only be so lucky to travel with such wonderful people!

Most of all, It's nice to see my friend's smiling face on her blog. That makes me happy!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Very nice pictures, and wonderful stories to go with them.

I wonder about the king going last - is that so he can be first to get off the plane? There's something Biblical in there, but I can't get my head around it.

And Summer's not over - not in August. You're just starting the second part of it!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Judy said...

I can't imagine putting my leg in that position anymore. The invitations look great you should make and sell them.
I always say...They had a good practice and worked hard if their head was a ball of sweat.
The apron is in the mail...Let me know when you get it. And, let me know if there is any problem with it and I will fix it.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Gosh!! You are an awesome story teller and picture taker. I am amazed at how much Caroline has changed in these short five years. She is such a precious little girl. Wow, Edison looked really sweaty in those football pictures. I guess his football stuff smells really nasty in the afternoons. We miss hanging out with you guys. Oh yeah!! The invitations look amazing. You are so crafty!!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

Great pictures and stories!! And Edison looks like he is growing to be a handsome young man!!

11:51 PM  

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