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Friday, January 29, 2010

It Has Begun. . . .

What the weather personnel in E. Tennessee are calling the "worst storm since 1996" has begun. Schools were closed in anticipation of record snowfalls today. Both kids could have probably gone to school safely -- but they've enjoyed a snow day with no snow.

Caroline has croup. So, even if we get blanketed with the much anticipated 5-9 inches they've predicted, she won't be playing in the snow.

Since getting her home from the doctor, I've made a beef stew, set out dinner rolls to rise, baked brownies, two loaves of banana bread, and started some chicken with vegetables for some homemade chicken noodle soup.

Oh? Did I fail to mention - she gave me a cold.

So, while we "hunker down, and pray that everyone gets to and from their respective places, we'll enjoy some family time.

My wonderful husband bought me shelves for my laundry room last night. I'm finally going to have a PANTRY!!!! The little two-shelf cabinet my dad made me a few years ago just doesn't cut it anymore. That cabinet will become storage for either my fancy glass bowls and whatnot, or that ever-growing pile of rubbermaid containers and lids.

Final note -- Until today, when they canceled school - Caroline had an awesome week of potty-visits at school. She came home in the same pants she wore to school every day. We've not completely crossed over into the Land of No Pull-Ups, yet. But, I swear we can see the city gates! :) God is good.

I'm sure that I'll post some of our Winter Wonderland pictures - if this storm actually develops. We'll see. Until then, I'm going to continue enjoying unlimited "pajama time" and a little chance to catch up on some reading, crocheting, and some sewing I've set aside. I may even pull out some scrapbook materials, and try to start that hobby back up after what feels like a three-year hiatus.

Stay warm!
Stay safe!


Anonymous Christy said...

Can I be honest and just share how jealous I am of you? How you have time to do all that baking and cooking with a job and Caroline/Edison is beyond me. Plus having your little princess potty trained/ing has me wicked envious.
Send some of your amazing abilities this way, okay?

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there, and yay for the pantry space and scrap-booking.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Yummers! said...

That's more cooking than I do in several weeks! Good for you! Dinner rolls rising... mmmmmmm!... that sounds yummy! And... applause for Caroline and the little girl dry panties!! We're clapping up here in Wisconsin!! Can you hear us??

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicken noodle soup is funny. I didn't know you had (or were) a Jewish mother.

Stay warm, and understand that the key to surviving a blizzard is to move farther south (but don't).

Congrats on the young'un. Lit of effort there, and it's paying off. You're running the race well.


6:49 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

i am can never get enough of the potty victory stories. I love reading them. Sorry it has been so long since i visited. I have been so tired. Angie lets talk soon... okay i miss you and there is stuff i want to share in person well in phone.

7:55 AM  

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