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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Beeeeeeee, Kizs, and Maaaakks

That's the video fare at our house these days. Need a translator? No problem. . .

1. Beeeeeeeee is Barney. Caroline has one Barney DVD, and although it is like a trip down the candy aisle with a caramel apple in one hand and french vanilla cappuccino in the other (Hee, Melany!) it is liveable. It's all Mother Goose nursery rhymes. It's amazing how political correctness has re-written some of these rhymes.

Did you know that the old woman who lived in a shoe abandoned the "whipped them all soundly" and "hugged them, and kissed them" [her children] and sent them to bed? Oh well, it is the new millennium.

2. Kizs is the series of Praise Baby DVDs. Our wonderful friends, the Bowman's, gave Caroline her first PB DVD when she was born. Although I admit it was hard to listen to praise & worship music when we were first dealing with the emotions of Caroline's diagnoses (Ds and her heart), I grew to love this DVD as it played for nearly 12 days straight in her PCCU room at Vanderbilt after her heart surgery. She now has expanded her collection to include this DVD and this one, as well. The third, "Born to Worship" is probably my favorite because there's a precious little girl with Down syndrome featured throughout the video.

Editor's note: This just in! NEW DVD coming soon!

3. Maaaaakks is Max & Ruby. I'm not sure how we ended up being avid collectors of M&R DVDs, but we just about have the entire collection. Caroline loved the Max and Ruby books that she had gotten from Dolly Parton's Imagination library, and when I found the DVD at Walmart, we became collectors.

So there you have three of Caroline's favorite words. Of course, her two other favorites are fry-fry

and tepuh.

(illustrations added for clarity)

Big Brother update (the sibling, not the TV show). . . braces were installed yesterday. According to the orthodontist, his teeth were extremely out of line. If you knew me when, you'll know this is not a big shock. He is very sore, and pretty self-conscious. When he feels better about himself, I'll see if I can worm a picture out of him for those of you who enjoy illustrations with your stories!

Until then, "Excuse me!" (sneezing) and, "Please pass the kleenex!"


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Oh poor Angie...use a hanky so you don't get a sore nose from the kleenex ;) I love this blog's ace! Don't you just love their words! And yes! I can confirm a) we love Max and Ruby also b)Hughie used to call tomato sauce (alias "ketchup" I think) "money horse" - could never forget that one and finally, c)"chipeys" from "Donalds" is a firm favourite in this house :) Thanks for making me smile Angie :)

10:13 PM  

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