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Sunday, February 03, 2008


That's what I'm doing today. Just chilling.

It's actually kind of chilly, so I'm not just bein hip, ya'll. I'm cold.

Awesome service, this morning. God spoke to me in amazing ways--through some amazing people. He's kinda cool like that.

We welcomed our new pastor heartily this morning. This is really going to be exciting. I just can't wait to be able to do my job wholeheartedly -- without the dread of the future hanging over my shoulder.

This morning, at the conclusion of 2nd service, the elders of the church anointed me with oil, and prayed for me. It was a touching, powerful time. It was so good to agree in prayer that we want this to be NOTHING. In fact, I asked them to pray that the doctors wouldn't even be able to find anything when they went to do the procedure on Wednesday morning.

He's a big God. He can handle it.

After we prayed, our family came home, and enjoyed lunch. Carryout pizza from the deli at Kroger. It was actually very good.

While we were waiting for the pizza to finish, Mark's cousin, Karen, called. She and I -- from the moment we met -- have been 'connected.' I can't explain it. We just 'get' each other.

We disagree on politics. Doesn't matter.
We live hundreds of miles apart. Doesn't matter
We only see each other about every four to five years. Doesn't matter.

It was so good to talk to her. She's concerned about Wednesday. . . .but she made me laugh. She just wanted to make sure I was allright.

. . . after talking to her, trust me, I am allright.

So, we're still watching the Super Bowl PreGame hoopla. I can make fun of people glued to their screens now. . . but in two weeks, it will be ME. . . awaiting the green flag to drop at Daytona. I cannot wait. I saw an interview with Jeff Burton this morning, as I was putting on my makeup. He said that his team (Richard Childress Racing) is ready for a new year. I'm going to excitedly watch him and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., as he starts to work with Hendrick Motorsports.

I know. I know. I know.

Those of you who knew me way back when. . .this seems like such a strange sport for me to follow. I cannot explain it. So, I won't attempt to do so.

I am going to try and get a little scrapbooking done today--both kinds. I have all sorts of pictures to scrap here . . . "analog" scrapping, if you wish. But I also have some pictures to do in the digital world. So, I hope to spend a little of my "Super Sunday" doing that very thing.

Right now, I'm listening to the sound of the rain as it falls. We still need rain so badly. It's nice to hear. . . but it makes everything else seem so chilly. So, I'm off to find my slippers and a blanket.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Super what? Just joking! American football. Would love some slippers and blankey...bit too hot here....glad you are getting some rain. Have a good week my thoughts are with you.

8:57 PM  
Blogger 20Birds said...

but the rain is a sign... it is a sign of his bounty and presence... the former and the latter rains he gives us both for the harvest... we need the first rains for the crop to take hold and satrt and to bring the crop to fruition we must have the latter rains... all is good darlin

7:14 AM  

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